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Batch-wise finished parts on a 10C1200 .
Joost Kouwenbergh , Business Officer , Q-Fin .

DS600 deslagging machine

Heavy slag removal with hammer and chisel is time-consuming and physically demanding work . Q-Fin has therefore introduced the DS600 and DS1200 , two compact , stand-alone machines which quickly remove slag from oxyfuel- or plasma-cut parts and prevent debris flying around in the deburring machine . This machine is available in two widths and removes ( heavy ) slag from sheet metal parts up to 600mm- or 1200mmwide using two robust slag discharging contact rollers .
The compact machines can be integrated into a production line or used as stand-alone systems . If a line set-up is chosen , the slag is removed before the product enters the deburring machine , which takes care of the edge rounding of the cutting part . The residual material ( dross ), removed during the processing of the product , remains on the conveyor belt in the deslagging machine and falls into the collection tray at the bottom of the machine . This molten metal can be disposed of as scrap in the appropriate container .
DS600 deslagging machine . we are convinced that people are more successful when they work together , which is why we founded the Q-Fin Knowledge Club ( QKC )
Germany is a key market for Q-Fin – it has huge potential with seven times as many laser cutting companies than the Netherlands , according to Q-Fin . It opened a sales office in Germany over a year and a half ago and has attended major exhibitions in Germany , such as EuroBLECH and Blechexpo , since 2014 .
Over the last one and half years , due to the pandemic ( it was not able to visit customers and customers could not visit its showroom ), Q-Fin carried on with product testing as well as live online demos and webinars . It invites customers to bring their own products so product tests can be done on the machines .
“ In Holland , sheet metalworking companies are extremely busy with work . They are finding it hard to source materials and , in general , delivery times for deburring machines are increasing . From the start , we chose to build our machines as standard and in batches of three , five and ten ( depending on type ) and stock them . In this way , we can generally have the machines installed within two to three weeks , giving us an edge over our competitors ,” continued Kouwenbergh .
Continuous innovation
In its Experience Centre , Q-Fin has set up all its machines in working order so that customers can test their own products by appointment . Continuous innovation of machines and processes is part of the company ’ s culture , as it expands its knowledge levels and shares this knowledge with users of its machines . Eight engineers from a team of 35 people focus entirely on R & D at Q-Fin .
“ At Q-Fin , we are convinced that people are more successful when they work together , which is why we founded the Q-Fin Knowledge Club ( QKC ). Our engineers , office employees and mechanics get together once a week to open up new horizons and to keep innovating , improving and optimising ,” Kouwenbergh told ISMR .
“ We act as a knowledge centre for grinding and deburring techniques . Our customers can come to us for advice , such as the right use of brushes and grinding belts or for information on the correct machine settings . New customers can test our machines in our Experience Centre or we can put them in contact with other customers for references .”
The machines are designed for speed , quality and efficiency when removing burrs . However , where Joost Kouwenbergh believes they can make a real difference is with edgerounding at high speeds . The systems apply pressure from above onto the parts in the machine which , he told ISMR , ‘ means that we can run the conveyor belt at higher speeds ( three to five times faster for the same edgerounding rates ).’
“ Requirements are constantly increasing for automation . Material handling is becoming more important around the deburring machines . The use of roller tables and part conveyors , for example , mean fewer operators for loading / unloading the machine . Doublesided part finishing is sometimes necessary ,” he added .
Integrated solutions
Q-Fin supplies its deburring and finishing machines with program selection in the operating menu . The machine operator can choose from a number of pre-set programs on the HMI screen e . g . for a large edge rounding , in combination with the correct material thickness . In addition , the operator can insert his / her own programs for products
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