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Q-Fin booth in Hall 5 at Blechexpo in Stuttgart , Germany .
Cut , deslagged and edge-rounded parts .


Q-Fin unveiled three new surface finishing machines , as well as networked software , at the Blechexpo trade show in Stuttgart recently .

“ Award-winning Q-Fin has developed a culture of continuous innovation .”

Q-Fin Quality Finishing Machines develops , builds and sells machines for deburring , edge rounding and finishing of sheet metal parts as well as extracting grinding dust . Its aim is to enable its customers to work ‘ finer and faster ’, handling all aspects of machine installation including a wet-working extraction system .

Founded in 2013 by Anton Bax and Koen de Waard , with a combined thirty years of experience in deburring and machine construction , it moved into new premises in Bergeijk , The Netherlands , in July 2017 . The surface finishing specialist has picked up several awards including the surface finishing prize for the F200XL at EuroBLECH 2018 in Hanover and , in 2019 , a Blechexpo award for its Super Edge Rounder . Q-Fin is part of a group of four companies which support it with materials such as steel parts .
“ Innovation is in our blood . At Q-Fin , we like to do things differently . We incorporate the right proportions of force , abrasive material and speed into our machines . This essential combination is what we call GrindingPOWER ®,” the company told ISMR .
Q-Fin at Blechexpo
At the Blechexpo exhibition in Stuttgart recently , Q-Fin presented , among others , its stand-alone DS600 deslagging machine , which was entered for the Blechexpo Award . It also showcased the Q-Fin SmartLink to demonstrate that its machines are ‘ Industry- 4.0-ready ’. The Dutch finishing specialist had a stand of over 100 square metres , 2.5 times larger than its stand in 2019 .
One of its latest products on display was the F1200 XL – this had already been introduced in the Netherlands at Dutch Metal Days and METAVAK . The F1200 XL is a compact finishing machine with four processing stations at less than 1.5 metres . This machine enables users to put a fine grinding structure on sheet metal parts after deburring and rounding the edges and recesses .
Also on display was the DS600 slag removal machine ( the wider DS1200 is also available ). Slag is produced mainly after plasma and oxyfuel cutting and is increasingly beaten off mechanically , rather than manually ( hammer and chisel ). However , usually a deslagging station is integrated into the deburring machine . This creates debris ( large pieces of molten metal ) in the machine .
To prevent this , Q-Fin has developed a standalone deslagging unit which was demonstrated at Blechexpo with a SER600 deburring and grinding machine ( with five processing stations for rounding steel cut parts ). The line simulated the practical effects of separate slag removal .
Innovation is in our blood . At Q-Fin , we like to do things differently
Q-Fin ’ s headquarters at Bergeijk , The Netherlands .
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