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innovations , including cutting accessories . We are also looking at higher power variants . The highest power version that we offer currently for our fibre laser cutters is 12kW , but we are taking a steady approach to higher powers ( such as 20kW ) but do very extensive testing before we announce these .
Our machines can be built as one aeroplane structure ( with no migration on the cutting head ) or they can incorporate a gantry system . If a customer wants speed , the gantry system is more suitable . For those customers who want flexibility and versatility , then the aeroplane structure is ideal . Our gantry models are available with linear motors ( 4G speed ) as well as with rack and pinion ( 2G ). Our service does not end with the installation . After-sales service is very important . Customers may need extra training or advice and we are on hand , at all times , to provide that . We can also provide remote assistance . We are working on an app that can be offered to customers next year , which will help them evaluate the status of their laser cutting systems , machine data etc .
Customers always want reduced downtimes , strong machine reliability and prompt after-sales service . This has become even more important during the pandemic .
Automation can be simple , from a load / unload system , for example , to tower storage . We work hand-in-hand with a customer on their requirements and provide any automation that is needed .
We are continuously doing R & D and see continuous market requests for higher laser power sources . Traditionally , due to its low cost , plasma has been used for cutting higher sheet thicknesses . Now this is also possible with fibre laser , bringing reduced consumables ’ cost and increased productivity , thanks to higher speed and precision . Ever higher power sources have become competitive differentiators in a market that has many competitors .
With the introduction of our EVO V HP cutting head , we are ready to face this new market trend . However , our philosophy and recommendation is to evaluate if and when high power is really necessary since there are important factors relating to the amount of heat that is produced , which reflects the lifetime of the cutting head , focus lens and / or working bench .
ISMR : What , in your view , are important industry trends , challenges and opportunities ? How are you responding to these ?
FV : We certainly see a movement towards higher laser powers and smarter cutting as well as shortages of skilled staff and key materials .
The ability to offer an ample range of products means that you can be present on several fronts . If we take our 2D laser cutting machine , for example , we have a wide range from a 2.5 x 1.25 machine to a 13 x 3 machine . Within that range , we can produce a variety of sizes . This means that we can be very flexible and customise our offerings to customer requirements .
We also partner with a leading Italian press brake manufacturer , particularly for the North American market or when dealing with customers who wish to buy from a single source . We evaluate these kinds of partnerships on a case-to-case basis .
ISMR : Are there any products / technologies / services that you have released or are releasing this year that you would like to discuss ?
FV : I already mentioned the CY-FAST MARK and our Evo V HP cutting head for the 2D laser . Our R & D department is always studying new
ISMR : Do you have plans to attend any specific exhibitions next year ?
FV : We plan to participate in three international exhibitions next year : IMTEX in India in January , EuroBLECH in Germany and FABTECH in the United States . We will also be exhibiting at LAMIERA in Milan , Italy , and possibly other local shows in Italy next year .
This year , we attended BLECH India in Mumbai . We feel that the Indian market has great potential .
We stepped up our online machine demos , technical / sales training and tests , because of the lockdowns caused by the pandemic . However , although they are useful , they do not fully compensate for being physically next to a machine or a customer .
ISMR : Thank you for your time . n
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