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Making its mark

CYLASER recently launched the CY-FAST MARK , a new galvo marking head which is independent from the laser cutting source , enabling users to rapidly mark barcodes / QR Code and images ( even on film-coated materials ).
“ Installation of the CY-FAST MARK , a standard accessory of the CY2D LM3015 series , enables very high-speed marking . Compared to a traditional system , it offers time savings of over 40 %. In addition , the customised marking levels available and the ability to adapt to each marking need , such as film-coated materials , makes it a very useful accessory which fits perfectly into an ‘ Industry 4.0 ’ environment . For contractors , part tracking is very important and the CY-FAST MARK represents a value-added offer to an additional service that generates extra revenue ,” the Italian specialist told ISMR .
Using CYCAMLAB software support , users can manage marking areas , marking sequences and marking parameters ( four standard pens are available or they can be customised to specific needs ). The company has also developed its CY-FAST MARK SOFTWARE to pilot its laser marker , separate from the cutting laser source but coordinated in its movements during post-processing .
We have a very strong sales network in Italy and see further opportunities for expansion abroad . We feel that it is time now to be more present in markets outside Italy which is strategically important . However , some markets are more price-conscious or competitive than others and it is important to have the right strategy for each market .
In Italy , there has generally been a lack of qualified personnel in many sectors . To counter this , we have been continuously investing in personnel ( specifically young graduates ). We train these students as sector experts , on fibre lasers etc ., to motivate them .
One of our strengths is the relative youth of our workforce team – hardly anyone is more than 35 years of age . This helps to offset the shortage of skilled workers and ageing workforces who are retiring .
In technology terms , we may not be the largest player but we were an early pioneer of fibre laser technology . We fully understand the technology . On the machinery and R & D side , we will be launching a new 5-axis fibre laser cutting head . We will launch our new tube cutting machine next year . We devote up to 15 % of our turnover to continuous R & D . We also have a dedicated unit for welding machines ( plate working for storage tanks ).
ISMR : Which issues are of prime importance for your customers right now and how are you addressing these issues for them ?
FV : Our company philosophy has always been to become a true partner to a customer . We like to advise and guide customers on their fibre laser purchasing decisions . It is important to understand their production needs , the material they are cutting , how many shifts , if automation is needed etc . This consultancy aspect and focus on the customer has always been an important role for us .
Automation load / unload options are available .
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