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FACE TO FACE during this time which has improved our stability in the market and particularly our aftersales service . We placed technicians around Italy , trained them continuously and improved their knowledge , with more prominence given to aftersales services to customers . Customers do not want downtime when they invest in capital equipment .

Our wide fibre laser cutting product portfolio includes 2D laser and tube cutting machines . Our Vega fibre laser cutting process , which exploits the laser beam diameter and a Programmable Shape laser beam , enables users to automatically select the laser spot dimension with the same optics set-up . It is designed to increase the cutting quality for any metal , substantially reduce the cutting roughness on stainless steel and increase the quality of the cut on thicker materials . This includes enhanced cut quality on stainless steel and aluminium . Vortex is a process that is designed to enable users to obtain higher cutting quality on > 8mm material thicknesses .
Recent developments include our new bevel cutting head , but we are also very proud of our new CY-FAST MARK , mounted to a laser cutting head , which improves the required time to mark a workpiece by 40 %. In addition to our existing EVO III cutting head , we recently developed the new EVO V-HP cutting head , which is made specifically for high-power laser cutters ( 8-20kW ).
We are almost ready with the new release of our tube cutting system scheduled for the beginning of next year .
ISMR : What are your views on the current global business climate for sheet metal professionals ? What about the climate in 2022 ?
CYLASER recently launched the CY-FAST MARK , a new galvo marking head which is independent from the laser cutting source .
FV : In Italy , business is now booming mainly thanks to government incentives which should continue into 2022 . Italian manufacturers are taking advantage of these incentives to renew all their machine tool requirements or buy machines with automation . It looks like the most urgent or strategic jobs have now been reshored to Europe , because of the pandemic , rather than given to overseas partners . We see this growth trend continuing and it will be good for European economies in general .
In general , I foresee that our turnover this year , despite the pandemic , will be much higher than last year . Our order book is full for the first eight months of next year , so we are
in a good position . 2022 will be a very important year for us .
Lead times , however , are very long for many Italian companies ( 6-8 months ) which is a challenge . Material shortages are also an issue right now , as are high shipping costs and container rates .
ISMR : What is your strategic and technical focus for the company ?
FV : Strategically , we are focusing on the domestic market ( Italy ) and our market in the U . S . These are our two most successful markets . We have also been developing a branch office in India , but the pandemic has slowed down several projects . However , we see this market developing well in the near future .
Our goal is always to continuously expand . We are looking for more European partners and distributors to develop our footprint across Europe , where presently we guarantee a direct approach from both sales and service support . In addition to all these markets , we have partners in India , Brazil , Germany , Mexico , Australia and the Czech Republic . We have just appointed a new agent in Bulgaria and other contacts are being
The Campana family . approached .
The CY2D LM3015 fibre laser cutting system with gantry design .

Fibre laser in focus

It all started with an idea back in 2005 , in north-east Italy , when Livio Campana ( an active entrepreneur in the special welding machine sector ) returned from a business trip abroad with a fibre optic generator in his luggage . He decided to conduct a few tests then studied and configured some dedicated optics and produced them , convinced that this technology would also cut as well as weld . He also decided to study several cutting heads available in the market and , through a reverse engineering process , produced a fibre optic laser cutting head ( 1070ŋm ). Campana then installed the cutting head on a laser cutting machine which he had designed and the first CYLASER fibre laser cutting machine was born !
In 2012 CYLASER Srl geared up to sell CY2D , CYTUBE and CYWELD products . After hundreds of installations and several years of hard work , Federico and Martina Campana ( Livio ’ s son and daughter ) took over the company which manufactures and supplies fibre optic laser cutting techology and welding machines . Its customised solutions also feature automation and piece handling options for higher productivity levels . CYLASER relies on a range of partners for its worldwide sales network , with a focus on ‘ Made in Italy ’.
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