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A Nidec Minster press built in Spain .
for automation and artificial intelligence . Everything relating to the digitisation of processes and knowledge through machine intelligence is becoming more vital every day .
Opportunities are created based on new technologies appearing in the automotive industry with electric vehicles . This novelty means that there is a greater demand for items that adapt to this new reality and therefore , in parallel , more time and resources are devoted to research and new developments .
ISMR : Are there any products / technologies / services that you have released or are releasing this year ( including at Blechexpo ) that you would like to discuss ?
DA : At Blechexpo in Stuttgart recently , Nidec Press & Automation presented its new Kyori VX-50 high-speed press . It is a machine that will compete in Europe in the high-speed stamping market and is produced in Germany . We showcased this new press with Nidec SYS feeding systems at the German exhibition .
There are also several new developments we are pursuing . The Group is working on implementations and improvements of the Minster EV press lines produced in Spain for the European market . The GS2 ( Global Servo press ) series of presses , with standard configurations and worldwide manufacturing , allows us to deliver the product with very short lead times . It adds flexibility and global reach to our product portfolio that , a few years ago , was just at the project stage .
Nidec Press & Automation is positioned as a leader in the stamping market with a complete product offering and innovations based on highlevel engineering and quality of robust , durable and premium products .
ISMR : Do you have plans to attend any specific exhibitions this year ?
DA : This year we also attended MF Tokyo ( it took place in virtual mode ). In 2022 , we plan to return to our regular trade exhibitions ’ calendar with in-house events that our sales and marketing teams are planning .
Nidec ARISA press in action .
ISMR : How are you leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence , Big Data , VR , robotics etc . for your business . How have you positioned Nidec Press & Automation with respect to Industry 4.0 ?
DA : Industry 4.0 is important for the stamping sector . We are carrying out several studies
Nidec SYS equipment ( feeder ) shown at Blechexpo in Stuttgart . aimed at offering our customers a highly useful real solution in terms of maintenance and lifetime of our equipment .
We are not satisfied with having a monitoring solution that is only able to tell a user the status of the machine . Our solution is much more ambitious . Nowadays , our software shows you the status of the machine in real-time and the operator can program the measurement parameters that he considers are appropriate . The option is also available to show temperature control , press force and vibration of the machine . We are currently developing a solution which adds more value to this .
Our engineering teams have also focused on the development of Big Data technology to generate algorithms that can help to predict the future behaviour of the press . The press stores this and , in this way , is able to warn the operator about possible failures or anomalous performance of the machine . In other words , it is able to detect on its own if something is not working as it should .
These are ambitious processes , but we always work hand-inhand with our customers . For us , it is always important to listen to them and understand their concerns or needs . We can then adapt our products and technologies to meet their needs .
ISMR : Thank you for your time . n
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