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GS2 Global series press .

GS2 Global press series

Nidec SYS parts and components . the European market and is another example of the multiple synergies between Nidec Press & Automation companies . Its mechanical and automation features have been designed by a collaboration of our engineering companies in Germany and Japan and is essential to our ability to supply this type of press ( manufactured in Europe ).
Nidec Press & Automation technical service is now also a reality . Collaboration between companies in the group has made this possible . In this last year of uncertainty and mobility restrictions , our technical service has continued to effectively serve our customers for installations and the assembly of new projects , with the support of our service centers around the world .
Regarding our projects in the production field , we are currently working on a manufacturing programme of Minster presses for electric vehicles , laminations and packaging from Spain . For Nidec Press & Automation , we see it as a success to find satisfied customers in Europe who are starting to receive their Minster presses produced in Spain .
The integration and synergies between the companies that make up the NP & A group mean that we can meet all the requirements of our customers . This truly is a successful achievement for the group and its companies .
With developmental input from Nidec Press & Automation engineers on three continents , the Nidec Arisa GS2 “ Global ” Press Series features integrated automation and manufacturing support . Nidec Arisa is one of the earliest innovators of servopress technology with a significant installation base on five continents .
The GS2 Series boasts a capacity ranging from 3150 to 8000kN , and has been configured for manufacturing in North America , Europe and China . The product is backed by Nidec Press & Automation ’ s global Customer Service team with 13 Technical Service Centre locations around the world .
confident that these will be solved as quickly as possible .
ISMR : How has the COVID-19 crisis affected your operations and which steps have you taken in response ?
DA : One of the first actions that our group took was focused on the health and welfare of our employees . We had to take safety measures against the virus in our facilities as quickly as possible . Actions were taken jointly by the group but with an eye on the particular needs of each region . An excellent job was done by the security teams at our facilities and our employees responded responsibly to the measures taken .
As has happened all over the world , we have suffered lockdowns and production stops that have made it difficult to organize our production this year . However , in general , we have managed to keep up our production rates and have tried to ensure that this situation affected our customers as little as possible . In addition , with the internal measures to contain the virus and adapt workspaces ,
The NP & A team at Blechexpo in Stuttgart . we relied on our local teams for operations to be carried out . This made it easier for us to continue providing service . In addition , I should also highlight the stellar achievements of our staff who were always collaborative and committed to the projects we had underway , offering to travel wherever necessary and possible .
ISMR : What is your strategic and technical focus for the company ?
DA : As a key global player in presses and automation systems , our strategy has three main pillars that are designed to meet our growth and consolidation targets .
1 . Collaboration between engineering teams spread across different continents in joint developments .
2 . Global manufacturing programmes for the different brands on every continent .
3 . Global technical service for all products , on all continents .
ISMR : Which issues are of prime importance for your customers right now and what are important industry trends , challenges and opportunities ?
DA : New technologies emerging in the automotive and electronics world make delivery times very important . This is a key requirement for our customers and is made more pressing by uncertainty in the supply of existing materials . Delivery times have become very important and this is a great challenge in the current pandemic .
Of course , in addition to excellence in the quality of products and services required by our customers , we should also add requirements
ISMR : What are your views on the current global business climate for sheet metal professionals ? What about the climate in 2022 ?
DA : Because of NP & A ’ s product diversification , we see the future with optimism . Our group currently has a presence in the food ; electronics ; contract ; engine manufacturing and automotive markets . We can make up for differences in demand , thanks to this diversification .
We are aware of the current situation , and the existing supply challenges , but are
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