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Marco Cappello demonstrates a sheet metal profile from a Thalmann folder .
ISMR : What is next in the Thalmann innovation pipeline ?
MC : We firmly believe that the next step will be to integrate different upstream and downstream unit operations around the folding process through automation and Industry 4.0 solutions . Our machines need to be capable of communicating with different production or ERP systems . Although our machines are already equipped with open interfaces , based on CAM data format ( which can communicate with different software packages such as NuiT , Bendex , CAD , Sema and different ERP systems ), we think that , in in the future , we must become a partner to provide integrated software solution in data exchange as a product .
We want to develop solutions that enhance machine-to-machine communication and the use of Internet-of-Things to self-monitor , analyse and diagnose issues in the sheet metal processing operation . We are presently investigating if we will increase our in-house resources , establish alliances or create other means to become a front-runner in offering new Industry 4.0 solutions . We invite anyone that can support us in this journey to talk to us ; we are ready to invest resources in this area .
ISMR : Do you have plans to attend any specific exhibitions this year and what is your view on exhibitions like Blechexpo ?
MC : As we have a strong level of new solutions , benefits and product features to
Thalmann ’ s stand at Blechexpo 2021 .
offer , we see exhibitions as vital events to communicate with the market . During the pandemic , this was a challenge as events were postponed or cancelled .
It is very encouraging to see that Blechexpo and other exhibition events such as the IRE ; Metalcon ; DACH und HOLZ ; BLE . CH ; 31BIEHM ; Batimat and EuroBLECH etc . are happening again . We enjoyed an incredibly successful Metalcon event earlier this Autumn and , as at Blechexpo , the introduction of our new innovations has been a real eye-catcher . Together with our business partners , we will keep on attending these exhibitions .
Next year , we will focus on the further introduction of our side-loading , flipping and discharge units to different geographical markets . But I would also like to take this opportunity to invite all interested customers and experts in sheet metal folding to visit us in Frauenfeld , Switzerland , to not only experience our new products in operation but also see how we develop and produce them . Call us on tel : + 41-52 728 4020 and we would be happy to welcome you to our headquarters in Switzerland . n
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