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Sieger Kanttechnik , a Thalmann customer , showcases a long folded profile on its machine . A Thalmann folder at Sieger Kanttechnik in Germany .

Products and solutions

Thalmann ’ s product portfolio is based around three core products for folding sheet metal up to 3mm . The TZ single folder is suitable for roofers and architectural applications . Its TD double folder is suitable for roofers , architectural applications and industrial processes that require high throughput . Its TC double folders are suitable for heavy duty folding of 3mm sheets at high processing speeds .
ISMR : The entire industry faced challenging times over the last two years , as a result of the pandemic . Going forward , without doubt , new challenges will appear . How will Thalmann cope with these challenges ?
MC : Thalmann has been very fortunate . Firstly , hardly any team members were infected with the COVID-19 virus . We strictly followed guidelines set by the Swiss government to make our manufacturing site ‘ COVID-safe ’ for our employees and visitors . We are very proud of our workforce , who immediately complied with these new working conditions .
Secondly , we had an order book that was so full that it became a challenge to meet delivery deadlines . The fact that some customers decided to delay investment in new folders in early 2020 was , strange as it may sound , a bit of a relief so we could reduce our delivery times to more acceptable ones for our customers . I must admit , however , that demand for both TZ and TD folders is now increasing again but we are taking steps to increase capacity with further supply chain improvements .
We do see that a forthcoming challenge will be the supply chain of raw materials and
Within this product portfolio , Thalmann offers a wide range of solutions from fully automated flipping and sideloading units to a fully automated and integrated slitting , feeding and folding line ‘ The Base ’, offered in cooperation with Cidan Machinery group . This is a fully automated sheet metal bending operation that includes a de-coiling and slitting line which enables bending operations without an operator on the production line .
components for equipment manufacturers . Due to the unpredictability of demand in various manufacturing processes ( such as for semiconductors and electrical components ), equipment manufacturers are sometimes left without supply of critical parts . The decisions
A Thalmann folder features kinetic control shaft technology for synchronous force distribution over the entire length of the machine . that different companies make in the supply chain , on stock and procurement contracts , can have dramatic effects on the availability of even very simple components . We have so far been very fortunate to have sufficient stock of critical components and a very reliable base of suppliers , with whom we have very close and long-lasting relationships .
Regarding the business climate going forward , we are very positive about the future of sheet metal processing . We see that there is enough need to develop new projects in the construction sector . This is partly due to strong demand for new solutions for builders to meet climate goals in the building sector and the fact that governments see the need to support investments in this area . On top of this , we see even more new applications for long folded sheet metal in the industrial arena such as solar panels and automotive / interior design applications .
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