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Above and below right : Fully automated side loading unit , fully automated flipping unit and fully automated unloader unit .
ISMR : At Blechexpo in Stuttgart , visitors could see live the two first new products in full operation and your latest innovation on a screen . How did your customers react ?
MC : We were overwhelmed by the interest of customers and others in our solutions . We felt that our display acted as a magnet to draw attention to our company . We received a lot of positive feedback confirming that we made the right decisions two / three years ago . Things we hoped to hear and heard were : “ So simple , so effective so much what we need and want ”; “ I can see that I can reduce cost and have a safer and better work environment for my people ”; “ Now I can use my operators to focus on other activities whilst the folding process automatically does the job ”; “ Human error during the folding process will be a thing of the past ” and “ Can I add these products to my existing TD ?”
For my team and I , the entire Blechexpo exhibition was a true joy and motivated us to continue thinking about and developing new customer benefits . We continue to invite customers and sheet metal specialists to talk to us , visit us and tell us what they want us to develop . It has always been our mindset to truly listen and see if our manufacturing , engineering capabilities and creativity can come up with further new solutions . And by the way , yes we can add these new features to an existing Thalmann TD folder .
ISMR : Which issues are of prime importance for your customers right now and how are you addressing these issues for them ?
MC : I think what customers really want does not change that much ; they want simple and cost-effective processes , high planning and process flexibility ; a safe working environment for their employees and the ability to make high-quality products . We believe that , with our latest developments , we are fulfilling these needs for our customers .
On top of this , customers want their suppliers to understand them , speak their language and be available when they need them . Therefore , we ensure that customerfacing employees in our service department , engineering department and the technology department ( and even myself , as CEO ) know how to bend parts and understand how a customer can use a Thalmann folder to the greatest benefit .
We continue to invite customers and sheet metal specialists to talk to us , visit us and tell us what they want us to develop
Marco Cappello networks with visitors at Thalmann ’ s stand at Blechexpo in Stuttgart .
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