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Marco Cappello , CEO of folding specialist Thalmann Maschinenbau AG , highlights its innovation philosophy and latest solutions for the sheet metal market .

Marco Cappello , CEO , Thalmann Maschinenbau AG .


“ Thalmann outlines its new automation solutions and increased focus on Industry 4.0 solutions and invites manufacturers to visit its facilities in Frauenfeld , Switzerland .”

Folding machine manufacturer Thalmann Maschinenbau AG ’ s CEO , Marco Cappello , spoke to ISMR about its latest developments in sheet metal folding technology . Two years ago , the Swiss company embarked on an innovation strategy that would offer sheet metal processors significant additional operational benefits .

Fresh from demonstrating its latest technologies at the Blechexpo trade show in Stuttgart , including the TD fully automated double bender for sheet metal profiles , Cappello was keen to highlight Thalmann ’ s innovation philosophy and new solutions for the sheet metal market .
“ The benefits that customers can achieve installing TD folders with automated solutions include the significant reduction of operational costs , higher process flexibility , increased employee safety and better accuracy of folded sheet metal parts ,” Cappello told ISMR .


ISMR : Over a year ago , we spoke about Thalmann ’ s innovation strategy and you told us that you would launch two new developments . Can you remind us of these innovations ?
MC : Three years ago , we identified that customers want four things : less handling in front of the folding operation , high process flexibility , cost reductions and higher accuracy . We asked ourselves , how could we offer these benefits through simple , modular and automated solutions ? This initially resulted in two new products : a sideloading unit that automatically picks sheets from a stack of sheets
Thalmann headquarters at Frauenfeld , Switzerland .
and automatically positions the sheet metal into the double folder without any manual handling by an operator and an addition to the folding beam that can automatically flip the sheet metal during the folding sequence ( also without operator interference ).
In addition , in early 2021 we launched a third innovation as part of our chosen strategy . This new product automatically unloads the final folded product to a station where it is ready to be packed and dispatched , without the need for an operator to handle the folded product at the machine .
This new product automatically unloads the final folded product to a station where it is ready to be packed and dispatched
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