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Revive steel to thrive

The value of the Scottish Steel sector in relation to the rest of the world , as well as the UK specifically , has been analysed by researchers from WMG , University of Warwick , who have found investment could be the key to reviving it into a thriving industry .
Steel has played an important part of Scotland ’ s economy since 1751 . The nation ’ s industrial heritage has relied upon steel , which has been a key part of shipbuilding , energy , rail and civil engineering industries . There have been 12 iron and steel works in Scotland with Ravenscraig as the last major one to close in 1992 .
“ There are currently 266,500 people employed in Scottish steel using industries , while indirect employees in the supply chains can be estimated at around 800,000 , making a total of 1.06 million people – around a third of Scotland ’ s working population . The steel markets account for 31.2 % of Scotland ’ s turnover , essentially meaning just under one third of the population rely on steel for income ,” said the researchers .
“ Between 2015 and 2030 , the steel market across the UK is set to increase by 1.5 million tonnes , worth a total of £ 3.8- billion to the UK economy with demand expected to increase in construction , machinery and engineering , and yellow goods ( earth-moving equipment ).”
However , whilst demand for steel is increasing , it is predominantly increasing for crude steel which Scotland does not produce in large parts . Scotland has produced less than 6000 tons of crude steel per year in the last three years .
Dr Russell Hall , from WMG , University of Warwick commented : “ The world ’ s population is set to increase from 7.7bn people in 2020 to 9.7bn in 2050 , therefore the demand for steel will continue to increase . This provides an opportunity for Scotland to revive its steel industry and boost its income , however this will require coordinated government intervention and leadership into steel-making capability . This could be in the form of direct investment , indirect support such as the reduction of energy costs or an increase in skills provision for steelmaking . This means that Scotland could manufacture new steel types , expand current steel-making capabilities and reduce the operating costs for steel makers .” He also highlighted the green advantages of this move . See bit . ly / 3FA9ZV1 to read the report . n


Safran chooses Unison benders

UK-based Safran Landing for the material ’ s high yield
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A double-first for Taiwan

For the first time , two major machine tool exhibitions in Taiwan , the Taipei International Machine Tool Show ( TIMTOS ) and Taiwan International Machine Tool Show ( TMTS ), will be held at the same time as TIMTOS x TMTS 2022 . The integrated show will be held from 21-26 February 2022 in Taipei , boosting the international status of Taiwan ’ s machine tool industry .
“ Total exports of Taiwanese machine tools from January to August this year reached US $ 1.755 billion , a phenomenal increase of 22.2 % over the same period last year . TIMTOS and TMTS , two key exhibitions in Taiwan , recently reached the consensus that they will work together to host both shows at the same time , in the same venue , with the common goal of helping Taiwanese companies explore global markets ,” explained the show organisers .
Over the years , the two trade shows have
been held separately in Taipei and Taichung and kept growing in scale . However , due to the pandemic and venue issues in Taichung , both TIMTOS 2021 and TMTS 2020 were presented online instead of as physical exhibitions . As the global machine tool industry is recovering from the pandemic and demand is increasing , industry players are eager for physical events .
Mr . Jong-chin Shen , Vice Premier of Executive Yuan , therefore urged the organisers of TIMTOS and TMTS to work together and maximize trade opportunities for all exhibitors and visitors . This cooperation marks a milestone of unity for Taiwan ’ s machine tool industry . n
www . timtos-tmts . com . tw
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