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Below and opposite : The 15kW ByStar Fiber 8025 fibre laser cutting system .


The first 15kW ByStar Fiber 8025 fibre laser cutting system in Asia was installed recently at Leon Fuat Metal Sdn . Bhd in Malaysia .

“ The new machine , with higher cutting power , will increase the manufacturer ’ s production output and enable it to offer shorter delivery lead times .”

Swiss manufacturer Bystronic ’ s first large-format , high-powered laser cutting machine was installed recently in Malaysia to Leon Fuat Metal Sdn . Bhd ., earning it the title of first 15kW ByStar Fiber 8025 in Asia .

“ As a steadfast brand advocate for Bystronic , Leon Fuat ’ s new investment will empower it to become a major player in the industry ,” Bystronic told ISMR . Chinhan Ooi , general manager of Bystronic
Leon Fuat ’ s headquarters ( Bukit Raja Selatan ).
Malaysia and south-east Asia sales director , confirmed : “ This milestone not only signifies an important , strategic starting point in the APAC region , but also marks huge potential in Malaysia for sales of Bystronic high-powered solutions . We are especially proud to announce that Leon Fuat Group , who previously owned mainly CO₂ laser cutting systems from another manufacturer , has selected Bystronic for its business transformation .”
Calvin Ooi , Executive Director , Leon Fuat , with staff members .
Long experience in the industry
With more than 38 years of experience serving various industries , Leon Fuat specialises in the trade and processing of steel products , with a diverse portfolio comprising various steel materials ( including carbon steel , stainless steel and alloy steel ). It also trades in special steel materials such as tool steel and non-ferrous metal products such as bronze , brass , aluminium and copper .
The company is also involved in the processing of steel products , which complements its trading operations . It has a wide portfolio of steel products which include flat products such as coil ; plate ; sheet ; welded tubes and pipes ; welded rectangular and square sections as well as long products such as bars ; rods ; shafts ; sections ; angles and channels plus seamless tubes and pipes .
Leon Fuat provides various value-added services in the form of metal cutting ; levelling ; shearing ; profiling ; bending and finishing , as well as the production of expanded metal to meet the requirements of its customers .
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