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In-line pick and place

Robotic hand-soldering is in huge demand , said Advanced Manufacturing Services , as it introduced the Thermaltronics TMT-R8000 desktop , intelligent soldering robot with fiducial and laser height correction . The Thermaltronics hand soldering and rework stations will be extended with the addition of the TMT-2200 , a dual-port soldering system with double-powered handpiece that is capable of high thermal mass soldering .
Also on display on its stand at this February ’ s Southern Manufacturing & Electronics exhibition at Farnborough , UK , was the Neoden K1830 in-line pick and place ( pictured ). It features 68 feeder positions ; eight nozzles ; 16000cph and 0201 capability and the Neoden IN12C convection reflow machine ( boasting 12 zones , integrated profiler and extraction ). The Neoden 4C pick and place machine , with a 48-feeder capacity and capability to 0201 , was also showcased at the exhibition .
“ The Seamark PCB X5600 X-ray machine was another stand highlight . This small , powerful and precise X-ray inspection system is integrated with 90KV X-ray source and flat-panel detector ,” the manufacturer told ISMR . “ Alpha and Electroluble consumables were also on display and our specialists were available to discuss the latest innovations , low temperature processing , conformal coating and encapsulation with visitors at the show .” n www . ams-electronics . co . uk

Nikon X-ray CT systems gain OPC UA connectivity

Demonstrating its commitment to production line inspection and measurement , the Industrial Metrology Business Unit of Nikon Corporation has introduced its latest software development ; Automation OPC UA by Nikon Interface . From manufacturing execution systems to statistical process control systems , Automation OPC UA by Nikon streamlines the way that diverse hardware and software communicate with Nikon ’ s X-ray CT machines on the shop floor .
The company ’ s existing production line systems use an in-house developed IPC interface , requiring bespoke working knowledge of the X-ray CT system and the Nikon IPC contract . While this interface remains for the intricate control of all aspects of the system , applications on the shop floor are now supported by the industry-standard , platform-independent OPC UA interface .
This enabled Nikon to integrate its X-ray CT machines with factory automation and production control systems . Both time and costs are saved when installing or reconfiguring production line systems within a single factory , or across multiple connected facilities around the globe .
“ Our alignment with the industry-standard OPC UA communication protocol reaffirms our dedication to developing fully automated , non-contact , X-ray CT quality control systems for the shop floor . There is a growing , industry-wide trend towards using this technology for feeding back data in real-time to optimise production line operation – the goal being zero defects . X-ray CT is especially relevant , as it inspects and measures the interior and exterior of components nondestructively ,” explained Nikon Metrology .
The approach where inspection drives production , rather than just identifying faulty parts , is called Quality 4.0 . The OPC UA interface is now one of the main communication protocols for networking within Industry 4.0 factories , as a common language is needed to simplify secure data
Above : Automation OPC UA by Nikon , a new software product for fully automated , non-destructive , X-ray CT quality control .
Below : XT H 225 ST 2x ( Images : Nikon Industrial Metrology Business Unit ). exchange between computer-controlled machines and systems . This is exactly what OPC UA delivers . Nikon is therefore one of the first X-ray CT system vendors to implement it .
For further information , see https :// industry . nikon . com / en-gb / products / x-rayct / inspect-x-3d-ct / n
. industry . nikon . com
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