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processes to form most shapes including : CNC rotary arm bending ( mandrel-supported ), ram or compression bending , roll bending and more .
Hypertherm ’ s Rotary Tube Pro™ software is designed to make it ‘ fast and easy for anyone to design and cut tube and pipe parts ’. Designed for mechanised rotary cutting , it supports stand-alone units and cutting table add-ons , including plasma , laser , waterjet and oxyfuel machines .
The family-owned JustLaser GmbH , in Austria , specialises in laser systems for cutting and engraving various materials , especially metals ( also pipes ).
A profile from Kayseri .
Established in 1987 , Kayseri Metal Center serves as a steel service center in Gebze and a profile manufacturer in its Izmir facility ( Meko Metal ).
“ We mainly focus on the greenhouse , automotive , solar , construction and HVAC industries . We have our own R & D department and long experience in profiling . Besides standard tubes and hollow sections , we specialise in special profiles for any kind of industry worldwide ( starting from 0.50mm thickness up to 8.00mm , with a total of 26 rollforming lines ).”
Polish manufacturer , Kimla , offers a hybrid laser for tube and sheet cutting . Its new Flashcut linear laser , with linear drives , can cut sheet and tube ( 6m or 12m ). The system automatically unloads the tubes . The new Kimla combination flat sheet-tube laser incorporates a new tube laser cutting system which , says the company , ‘ is totally smart in its extraction of the cut part ’.
Lantek software for tube and profile processing .
Software specialist , Lantek , includes the Lantek Flex3d Tubes , as a CAD / CAM software system for designing , nesting and cutting parts of tubes and pipes , in its portfolio . The 2020 update also includes collision avoidance solutions in Lantek Expert and Lantek Flex3d modules that , it said , can avoid up to 80 per cent of downtime .
Laser-cut parts on LVD ’ s TL-2665 FL .
LVD ’ s TL 2665-FL tube laser cutting machine processes round , rectangular , square or other standard tube profiles , up to 7925mm long , in a range of materials using a 2kW fibre laser . It is equipped with a standard seven-position , magazine-type automatic tube loader , automatic set-up and run , bow detection and twist compensation features which are designed to minimise downtime and increase tube cutting output . It features automated nesting ; a seam detection system and CADMAN-T embedded advanced programming software . The system can cut a maximum tube length of 7315mm ( 24 ’) and 127mm diameter round .
Mazak recently launched its new FT-150 FIBER , a compact laser processing machine for tube , with the operator area , loading station and unloading station all located on the same side . Equipped with a 3kW fiber resonator , the FT-150 FIBER can process single workpieces up to 6,500mm in length and 150kg in weight , with a maximum tube diameter of 152.4mm . 8000mm and 180kg options are also available .
Productivity is further improved due to its large capacity bundle loader , which can automatically load raw material weighing up to four tonnes to enable continuous operation over extended time periods . The FT-150 FIBER includes an additional U-axis in the cutting head , which facilitates ultra-highspeed cutting , as well as a tilting laser head for bevel cutting .
MTC Bamieh Srl ’ s main products are slitting and cut-to-length lines ; welded pipe lines and pipe packaging machines ; steel tape coil preparing systems ; serrated bar production in coil or bar shape ; profiling machines ; stamping presses and other metal equipment . It can also supply pole and high mast production lines .
Memoli sas di Vergani Roberto & C offers the Memoli tube bender ETM series , designed to bend with or without mandrel
tubes and profiles , and capable of bending in both right and left directions . It bends tubes with diameters from 8mm up to 150mm and can make curves of over 180 ° for a minimum bending radius of 2.5 / 3 x the tube diameter .
Messer Cutting Systems GmbH offers a range of sheet metal , pipe and tube cutting systems . Its pipe and tube cutting system processes square and round tube , and pipe size ranges from 6 ” to 24 ” in diameter , 0.25 ” – 1.25 ” wall thickness , up to 40 ’ ( based on model ). It includes two tube and pipe support carts . There are multiple manual chuck options for rectangular tube , square and round tube and pipe .
Metalix CAD / CAM Ltd . offers CNC software such as cncKad , AutoNest and MBend . cncKad and AutoNest include a job estimation module ; support for 3D tube parts ; smart common cuts for rectangular nesting ; multiple cut sheets ; suction force calculations for pickup and AutoCAD 2018 DXF support . Its MTube software provides new support for Tube Bevel , and enhanced support for Tube commands – tube assemblies ( construction ), connections , intersections , bend cuts etc .
“ AutoNest lets you easily nest your tubes .
MTube software from Metalix .
Tubes can be imported directly from cncKad , from MTube or from CAD programs ( such as SOLIDWORKS , Solid Edge , PTC Creo and Autodesk Inventor ) via CAD Link . They can be batch processed via the Daily Job and automatically nested with AutoNest Pro . The automatic process identifies the different tube part profiles , material and thickness , and nests them accordingly , rotating and flipping tube parts for the best and most efficient solutions . You generate NC for tube nests and preview them on tube nesting reports ,” explained the manufacturer .
MURGESI Srl specialises in turnkey manufacturing of production lines for polygonal and conical round steel poles for public lighting and electrical power lines and manufacturing lines for road manufactured products ( two and three-wave metal guardrails compliant with AASHTO / RAL standards , culverts , supports , etc ).
MVD INAN is an experienced manufacturer of press brakes , laser machines , guillotine shears , plasma machines , turret punchpresses and expanded metal presses .
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