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Key product launches for Kemppi

Kemppi ’ s has announced the launch of the new MIG / MAG MasterMig welding machine models 353 , 355 and 358 as well as the MAX Cool , Position and Speed welding arc processes plus the Zeta welding helmet and Beta e for SH welding mask product families . MasterMig is a compact , powerful MIG / MAG welding machine that combines welding performance with usability for manual , synergic and pulse MIG welding . It features three models , including Manual and Auto parameter setting ( 353 ), or Manual , Auto and Auto Pulse specification ( 355 and 358 ).
“ MasterMig elevates industrial welding performance to new levels . The digital arc control , fast set-up techniques and excellent power-to-weight ratios set new standards for weld quality and work-based efficiency ,” said John Frost , Product Manager , Kemppi Welding Machines .
Integrated LED work lights can be switched on for safety and convenience , with or without mains power connected , to improve safety and increase productivity in reduced lighting conditions . The safe-lift mechanical design means that the MasterMig can be carried by hand or suspended above the ground by a crane . In addition , four optional transport carriages , such as the new T35A Travel cart , support alternative conditions and movement at the site . MasterMig 358 will be available later in 2022 .
“ MAX Cool , Position and Speed are new Kemppi welding processes that offer
Beta e for SH welding mask can be attached to a hard hat for temporary welding work .
solutions for challenging steel , stainless steel and aluminium welding applications by increasing welding productivity , minimizing spatter and speeding up welding without compromising quality . They can be integrated into MasterMig 355 and 358 welding machines , for example , and purchased through Kemppi dealers ,” said Jani Kumpulainen , Technology Manager , Kemppi Oy .
Zeta welding helmet and Beta e for SH offer protection for multiple work tasks . Kemppi is expanding its safety product range in response to stricter worksite health and safety regulations .
Zeta welding helmets are a new Kemppi product range designed for demanding tasks requiring full-face and eye protection . They are suitable for grinding , surface finishing , cutting and welding processes .
Beta e for SH products provide occupational safety with full head and face protection and enable welders to wear a hard hat , even while welding .
The MasterMig family includes three models in the compact MIG / MAG welding machine category : 353 , 355 and 358 .
“ The quick and secure installation of the hard hat earmuff holder means you can easily switch between different work modes . This makes the Beta e SH welding mask a costefficient solution to quickly convert a hard hat into a welding helmet ,” added the welding specialist . n
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Versatile photonic solutions

Visitors to the LASER World of PHOTONICS exhibition at the end of April saw product innovations from Jenoptik aimed at increasing efficiency and precision especially in the semiconductor , medical technology and laser material processing industries . In addition to new lenses and beam expanders , Jenoptik demonstrated its JENvelt ® optical system . The latest generation of its UFO Probe ® Card , an intelligent test solution for PIC wafer testing , was also be on display .
Using a miniature version of the Mars rover “ Perseverance ”, trade fair visitors also discovered the optical technologies and products that Jenoptik engineers have developed , tested and manufactured for the current NASA mission “ Mars 2020 ”.
With the new JENar ® APTAlineTM series , Jenoptik offers F-Theta lenses that are tailored to customer requirements . The highpower quartz glass lenses offer an alternative
FIX-BEX beam expanders ( IR lenses ).
for demanding applications . They are available in wavelengths of 355nm and 1030 – 1080nm .
“ Our Fix-BEX beam expanders with fixed enlargement supplement the product portfolio . Whether installed as 1.5x , 2x , 4x or 8x versions , they are suitable for applications that require a constant zoom factor and high image quality . Fix-BEX beam expanders are available for wavelengths of 355nm , 515 ... 540nm or 1030 ... 1080nm and offer a large input aperture of up to 8mm ( 1 / e2 ). The high-precision optical design allows for diffraction-limited imaging . Like the
F-Theta JenAPTARLine IR lens . previous beam expanders , the new Fix- BEX versions also have a divergence setting ,” it explained .
The housings are made of aluminium or stainless steel for high resistance and durability . The optical elements are made of robust quartz glass with AR coating . All Fix- BEX versions have a thread on both sides and can be operated in reverse mode .
Jenoptik is a globally operating technology group and is active in the two photonicsbased divisions ; Advanced Photonic Solutions and Smart Mobility Solutions . The Group ’ s headquarters are in Jena , Germany . In fiscal year 2021 , the Group generated revenue of 895.7 million euros and continuing operations contributed revenue of 750.7 million euros . n
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