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CAD / CAM nesting software

Hypertherm , a U . S . -based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software , has announced a major version update to ProNest ® 2023 , its advanced CAD / CAM nesting software for automated cutting .
“ This new release contains a collection of new features and ongoing enhancements designed to help customers improve their operational efficiency while reducing nonvalue-added tasks ,” it told ISMR .
ProNest 2023 includes full functionality for PlateSaver™ , a SureCut™ technology that combines the arc stability of X-Definition ® plasma with specialised software parameters to dramatically increase material utilisation when cutting mild steel . In addition , it contains enhancements to ProNest ’ s Production Manager , a web-based module that integrates with Hypertherm ’ s EDGE Connect ® CNC to automatically capture realtime machine data .
Enhancements include the ability to edit production times for completed nests , set job status changes and search for nests
by customer . There is also a feature that merges XPR set-ups . The software will now automatically detect and merge changes made to the process parameters or bevel spreadsheets into a new set-up during installation . Users can choose to employ their existing customisations or the latest factory cut charts .
“ The software is even easier to use . Changes to the user interface include a new welcome screen and customisable ribbon . The welcome screen contains an informative dashboard that highlights training videos , application tips and other valuable resources while the ribbon allows users to add , remove and rearrange tabs . Customers can save different ribbon configurations and easily switch between them , as needed , to best fit their workflow ,” explained Hypertherm .
“ Our software developers have really focused on reducing the waste inherent in most cutting operations . Features like PlateSaver do this by maximizing the number of parts on a plate so customers can buy fewer plates and waste less metal ,” said Tom Stillwell , Product Marketing Manager , Hypertherm CAD / CAM software products .
“ At the same time , the Internet of Things has allowed us to make great strides in manufacturing automation . Data that we ’ ve never had before is now easily at our fingertips . Tools like our Production Manager module will help customers to look at their operations more holistically , providing insight to help them work smarter , faster and more profitably .”
Hypertherm plasma and OMAX waterjetcutting products are engineered and manufactured for use by companies to build ships , aircraft and railcars , construct steel buildings , fabricate heavy equipment etc . Its products include industrial cutting systems , CNCs and software . Founded in 1968 and based in New Hampshire ( USA ), Hypertherm is a 100 per cent Associate-owned company , employing more than 1,800 Associates , with operations and partner representation worldwide . n
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Subassembly and component production

Bihler ’ s BIMERIC Modular servo production and assembly system offers users significantly more standardisation , full LEANTOOL compatibility and variable value creation in their component and subassembly production .
In contrast to the previous version , feeding , stamping and forming processes are now modularised on one console each on the BIMERIC Modular . Each of these process modules is standardised , according to the same principle , and designed for 80mm strip widths .
“ In addition , the BIMERIC Modular has PLUS spaces . Here , additional servo process modules for welding , tapping and screw inserting etc ., as well as customised units for individual customer processes ( especially for assembly operations ), can be integrated . The individual modules can be used flexibly , according to the task at hand . The servo machine can therefore be operated with only minimal hardware configuration , for example as a single forming module . If processes are expanded later , the scalable machine can be retrofitted at low investment ,” Bihler told ISMR .
The BIMERIC Modular is fully compatible with the LEANTOOL linear tool , L250 . For this purpose , the machine is equipped with the uniform basic equipment . This provides interfaces for the linear tool concept and associated standard parts .
The BIMERIC Modular servo production and assembly system for component and assembly production .
“ Because of LEANTOOL ’ s very high degree of standardisation ( up to 70 per cent ), forming tools can be set up significantly faster , easier and more cost-effectively . In addition , LEANTOOL compatibility enables one-to-one transfer of the forming modules , for example from a GRM-NC to the BIMERIC Modular , when stamped and formed parts are further developed into complete assemblies ( e . g . shielding sleeves to HV connectors ). This ensures particularly flexible order scheduling in production ,” it added .
Various hairpin variants can be produced on Bihler ’ s new BM-HP 3000 machine , with output of 60 to 120 hairpins per minute ( depending upon wire cross-section and leg length ). Changeover from one variant to another is carried out “ on the fly ”.
Bihler will be on stand F18 in Hall 10 at this year ’ s Wire exhibition in Düsseldorf , Germany , from 20-24 June 2022 n
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