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Tandem welding in sharp focus

Fronius is adding to its range of smart , highend TPS / i TWIN tandem welding systems . Synchronised welding , with two individually controllable arcs , is now offered by its TPS / i TWIN systems and PMC TWIN and CMT TWIN welding processes .
“ Both systems boast stable penetration and help save time thanks to their high speeds and impressive deposition rates . When it comes to high-performance tandem welding , the main challenge is successfully controlling both arcs . Achieving this allows operators in the container , vehicle and wagon construction industries to easily perform multi-layered or long welds to produce high-quality , large-scale components . Our TPS / i TWIN Push system is now joined by TWIN Push-Pull systems , including the CMT TWIN process which is well equipped to deal with such challenges . From now on , it will be possible to use tandem welding systems to join aluminium as well as steel ,” said the welding specialist .
The TPS / i TWIN Push-Pull solution is designed for use in motor vehicle and railway vehicle construction . It is used to weld aluminium profiles or pressure containers using the PMC ( Pulse Multi- Control ) process . In addition to the PMC process , the new TPS / i CMT TWIN system also uses the CMT ( Cold Metal Transfer ) process for welding aluminium , nickelbased alloys and high-strength steels . The controlled heat input provided by the Cold Metal Transfer process is also well suited for thin sheet applications . Penetration and weld profile can be further optimised if each TWIN arc is set to a different performance level .
“ With a deposition rate of up to 25kg per hour and a speed of up to four metres per minute , the Fronius TPS / i TWIN systems
Robot assistance systems help welders to make the production process as efficient as possible .
are workhorses . This is possible thanks to a wire speed performance of around 30m per minute for each processing line . Despite this speed , a flawless finish is achieved with reliable penetration quality and no weld-seam porosity . This reduces both the number of layers and the production time ,” explained Fronius .
“ To ensure completely stable welding , a high level of process reliability is required and this is guaranteed by the combination of PMC and CMT . Solutions for optimal wire feeding , such as the TWIN Drive or the wire buffer component , ensure a steady supply of wire , thereby increasing
The Fronius TPS / i TWIN enables control of two “ perfect arcs .” These can also be set to different performance levels , depending upon the desired result . the reliability of the welding process . These cut reworking and production errors to a minimum , saving time and resources ,” added Fronius .
The TPS / i TWIN series .
The Fronius TWIN series offers a range of different functions and robot assistance systems that help welders to automate the production process as efficiently as possible . For example , SFI ( spatter-free ignition ) prevents spatter during ignition and the chipping hammer removes previously formed slag by reversing the wire movement to ensure a clean start to the weld . SeamTracking automatically compensates for deviations and TouchSense equips the robot with a positioning sensor that it can then use to compensate for clamping and component tolerances . WireSense measures these tolerances and transmits them directly to the robot . All these are designed to reduce welding errors and reworking time , which directly contribute to increasing efficiency in highperformance welding . n
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