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LANXESS headquarters in Cologne , Germany .
“ The component can be designed with around 30 per cent less weight than an all-steel structure , while offering better mechanical performance in some respects ,” said Theunissen .
Typical load cases and component properties were calculated , such as vibration behaviour and the stiffness of the steering wheel in the direction of gravitational forces .
“ The component also underlines the huge potential of the technology in implementing cost-saving functional integration . For example , connections for the A-pillar as well as mountings for the steering column , dashboard , climate control units and airbags were directly injected ,” commented LANXESS .
LANXESS research and development of additives in Qingdao .
Significant increase in sales and earnings
+ 44 %
+ 32 %
Net income
+ 56 % 98
Simulation results
LANXESS has developed new calculation models for the hollow-profile hybrid technology based on simulation tools that have proved successful for years in conjunction with “ traditional ” hybrid technology . These enable precise prediction of the production process and the quality of the connection between the metal and plastic .
“ With these tools , we can , for example , accurately predict the maximum stresses

Geely chooses hybrid design

In September 2021 , Chinese car manufacturer , Geely , selected LANXESS for an innovative front-end carrier ( FE ) structural component which will be used in a coming passenger car model . The component ’ s design concept is a hybrid design solution going beyond the traditional square / rectangular form FE structure .
“ While the lower cooler mounting is in sheet metal , the complex upper member
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All figures in EUR million All EBITDA figures are pre exceptionals Net income 2021 from continuing operations
that hollow-profile hybrids will withstand and at what point they will fail . We apply this expertise in working with our customers ,” explained Theunissen .
A newly developed test specimen was used to validate the simulation . Extensive component testing for static and dynamic load cases underpinning the simulation results was carried out on real components . n
was developed using the highly filled and heat-stabilised Durethan BKV50H2.0 EF , a material well suited for structural components that require high stiffness and strength . The full plastic design for the upper section caters to a wide range of requirements of this multi-component assembly ,” commented LANXESS .
Headquartered in Hangzhou , China , Geely Holding today has more than 120,000 global employees . It owns several automotive brands including Geely Auto ; Volvo Cars ; Polestar ; Proton Cars ; Lotus and the London Electric Vehicle Company . It is also the largest shareholder in Daimler AG and the second largest shareholder in Volvo AB .
Q1 ' 21 Q1 ' 22
Q1 ' 21 Q1 ' 22


LANXESS is a specialty chemicals company with sales of 7.6 billion euros in 2021 . Its sales in the first quarter of 2022 increased by a reported 43.7 per cent to 2.432 billion euros . The company currently has about 14,900 employees in 33 countries .
Its core business is the development , manufacturing and marketing of chemical intermediates , additives , specialty chemicals and plastics . It offers support in component design and part validation with design and simulation methods , and part evaluation & testing . HiAnt , its integrated service package for lightweight solutions , helps its customers to “ achieve maximum performance while minimising weight .”
More detailed information about lightweight designs from LANXESS , as well as hollow-profile hybrid technology , can be found at :
www . lightweight . lanxess . com
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