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LASCO has developed a new machine concept that allows industrial forges to react flexibly to new automotive drive systems in the changeover phase . The Multiplex press MXP is a servo-hydraulic press and forging hammer at the same time . It also supplies screw presses .
The Franconian machine tool manufacturer has a staff of about 500 in Germany , the USA , China and Russia . It has automated over 500 production lines .
Lien Chieh Machinery Co ., Ltd ( LCM ) custom-builds its hydraulic presses according to the press application and the technical requirements of its customers ( presses ranging from 50 up to 15,000 tons ). For more than seventy years , it has designed and developed a comprehensive range of technically advanced presses . It provides in-house manufacturing from start to finish : cutting , welding , annealing , CNC machining , assembly , quality assurance and factory acceptance .
With tonnages ranging from 2400 to 1000 tons and a bolster area of 5,000 x 2,500mm , its servo-mechanical tandem press line is used in the automotive sheet metal industry . Designed to overcome the limits of traditional hydraulic presses ( in terms of speed etc .), the manufacturer launched its first servomechanical tandem line in 2016 . Its product portfolio also includes die spotting presses , die tryout presses , drawing presses , forging presses , hemming presses , hydraulic presses and others .
LCM press technology .
LOIRE GESTAMP is a specialist in press hardening and hot stamping . From the first line supplied with this technology in 1998 , it has specialised in the manufacture of complete installation “ turnkey ” lines . Its manufacturing portfolio also includes press production lines for manufacturing ( mainly automotive parts ), hydraulic try-out presses , hydroforming installations , servo presses and other types of presses . Recently , it developed and manufactured a mechanical servo press . LOIRE GESTAMP staff recently implemented Industry 4.0 functionality in its hydraulic press lines .
Nidec Press & Automation has established a single-source solution for machinery , services and technology . The Nidec Press & Automation brand brings together Minster , Arisa , Kyori , SYS-DPA and Vamco , as well as CHS Automation and Pneumatic Feed Service , stamping press products / services to the market . This includes equipment around the press , such as material handling and highspeed roll feeding solutions .
The newly configured Nidec Arisa GS2 “ Global ” Servo Series press has a capacity range of 3150 to 8000 kN , and has been configured for manufacturing in North America , Europe and China . Nidec P & A has been working on a manufacturing programme of Minster presses for electric vehicles , laminations and packaging from Spain .
At Blechexpo in Stuttgart ( 2021 ), Nidec Press & Automation presented its new Kyori VX-50 high-speed press . It showcased this new press with Nidec SYS feeding systems at the exhibition . The Group is working on implementations and improvements of the Minster EV press lines produced in Spain for the European market .
“ FieldHawk is a cloud-based communications mobile application designed to communicate with
NP & A launched its new Kyori VX-50 high-speed press at Blechexpo Nidec Minster stamping presses in Stuttgart last year . from iOS or Android mobile devices . Cloud-based , secured communications allows all authorised users to check machinery status from anywhere they can get phone service and / or an internet connection ,” said the company .
Omera specialises in automatic lines and integrated production projects . The company provides automatic or semi-automatic lines for the production of pots , lids , gas bottles , water heaters , domestic appliances , car parts etc . It has long experience in the construction of strain-hardening machines .
Quintus Technologies specialises in the design , manufacture , installation and support of high-pressure systems for sheetmetal forming and densification of advanced materials and critical industrial components . Over the past 40 years , it has grown to become a leading producer of fluid cell presses for sheet hydroforming and similar sheet metal forming applications . Its Flexform press process requires only one rigid tool half ; the other tool half is a flexible rubber diaphragm under uniform hydrostatic pressure . This design approach generates significant tool cost savings and eliminates several forming operations , intermediate heat treatments and operator dependencies .
Quintus Technologies has also developed a new process , High Pressure Warm Forming ( HPWF ) that combines high pressure with
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