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Metal stamping operations

Progressive die stamping : This features a sequence of stamping stations , each with a unique function – it is a strong solution for metal parts with complex geometries and for long runs , because the dies last a long time without becoming damaged , and the process is highly repeatable .
Four-slide , or multi-slide , stamping : This type of stamping involves horizontal alignment and four different slides ( four tools are used simultaneously to shape the workpiece ). No dies are used . This process allows for intricate cuts and complex bends to develop even the most complex parts .
Fine blanking : Also known as fine-edge blanking , this cold-extrusion , singlestep process is usually done on a hydraulic or mechanical press , or by a combination of the two . Fine blanking presses operate at higher pressures than those used in conventional stamping operations .
Deep drawing : This is a sheet metalforming process in which a sheet metal blank is radially drawn into a forming die by the mechanical action of a punch . It is a shape transformation process with material retention . The process is considered “ deep ” drawing when the depth of the drawn part exceeds its diameter .
Technology innovations
AIDA , an early developer of direct-drive servo presses , is a global supplier of servo and mechanical metal stamping presses , automation equipment and complete metal forming systems , with thousands of units delivered to date worldwide .
Two product lines that are specifically dedicated to the production of motor laminations are the AIDA HMX Series and AIDA MSP Series presses . Its AiCARE ( AIDA Information Care System ) enables the collection , analysis and management of press information ( such as forming information , operational data and maintenance information including machine learning-based high-level analytics ) by gathering data in real-time . It can be
AP & T and Norgren have developed a turnkey system for the quick handling and feeding of different blank formats , without gripper changes .
integrated with all types of AIDA presses as well as on installed presses ( also from other manufacturers ).
Its DSF-TE4 servo transfer presses ( doublecolumn split presses designed for transfer applications ) offer high levels of customisation through multiple configurations . New DSF- NE2 presses are equipped with AIDA ’ s own low-RPM , high-torque servo motor for metalforming applications .
AP & T , with its headquarters in Ulricehamn , Sweden , develops and manufactures production solutions for sheet metal forming and press hardening of steel . Renovating , maintaining and rebuilding press tools is also a growing business area at AP & T . With its servo-hydraulic press , AP & T has developed a multifaceted , energy-efficient alternative to conventional hydraulic presses and servomechanical presses . It also offers tandem lines and conventional pressing as well as an automation program for large destackers and tool design .
Over the past few years , the company has presented several innovations such as a new production solution for complex parts made from high-strength aluminium . It also helped to deliver ‘ the world ’ s first production line for hot forming of aluminium ’ with a new method , patented by Impression
A stamping from a Balconi press .
A part produced on the AIDA MSP Series press .
Technologies , dubbed HFQ ®. It introduced a new generation of its Multi-Layer Furnace for press hardened vehicles and has also developed a method , with Sandvik and Cell Impact , for manufacturing fuel cell plates .
AP & T ’ s process monitoring system for press hardening – in-line process monitoring – has also been introduced to the market . Together with Norgren , AP & T has also developed a turnkey system for the quick handling and feeding of different blank formats , without time-consuming gripper changes .
With its TemperBox ®, individually defined areas of press-hardened components can be fully hardened to maximise strength while the other individually defined areas remain soft . This is to achieve desired ductility and / or to facilitate post processing such as joining or mechanical cutting . Machine in a Box , AP & T ’ s customer-oriented concept for automation , is aimed at local internal and external integrators . AP & T has also produced a new generation control system that simplifies the utilisation of presses , automation equipment and production lines .
Italian manufacturer Balconi Presseccentriche S . p . A . produces transfer , blanking and servo presses , as well as presses for progressive tools , impact extrusion presses and fin die presses . Its press model 4DMRF- LD-2000 has a 2,000kN cushion and three-axis electronic transfer . The press can produce up to 27 strokes per minute .
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