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The LVD PPEB 500-ton , 6-metre press brake at Ludwig Esser Metallbau GmbH .
Above : Examples of Esser ’ s project work .
A decisive factor was the ability to buy everything from a single source
of the other justifications for moving to fibre lasers was thrown into sharp focus .
“ One of our reasons for moving to fibre lasers was the reduction in power consumption , and hence CO₂ emissions . It has become even more important since we bought it ,” said Ludwig Esser .
“ In recent months , the effects of climate change have become more visible – flooding , forest fires , storms – so the decision to make this move was very timely ,” he added .
A single-source partnership
Overall , a decisive factor was the ability to buy everything from a single source – with the same programming software and a single point of contact for service and maintenance . A full ERP and CADMAN-JOB software integration is scheduled to further optimise the complete production flow .
Having bought its first LVD machine fifty years ago , the company renewed its relationship with LVD in 2018 when it purchased a 6m press brake . The positive experiences of that investment – the people , the process and the technology – meant that Ludwig Esser had the confidence to turn to LVD when he wanted to invest in these new lasers .
“ As a subcontractor with no product of our own , it is important to us that we have a reputation for reliability on quality and on-time delivery . To achieve this , we need to have a high level of availability on our machines – and rapid help and service when we need it ,” confirmed Ludwig Esser .
“ We must be flexible in responding to the requirements of our customers , which change on a daily basis . To do that , we rely on the support we get from the partners who supply our machines . We need to be able to turn to them for advice on new components , materials and technologies . With LVD , we feel that we are in good hands ,” he concluded . n

About Ludwig Esser Metallbau GmbH

In business since 1886 , the company is a subcontractor for laser and waterjet cutting ; bending ; profiling and the fabrication of welded assemblies for mechanical and plant engineering ; bulk and component handling ; agricultural machinery ; commercial vehicles and environmental technology .
It works with all standard , high-strength and wear-resistant steels , stainless steel , aluminium and special alloys . Its LVD technology on-site includes : -
■ 10kW Taurus 24 fibre laser .
■ 10kW Phoenix FL-6020 fibre laser .
■ PPEB 500 / 61 press brake .
■ PPEB 320 / 61 press brake .
■ PPEC 80 / 25 press brake .
■ MVS 62 / 10 shear .
www . esser-metallbau . de
Metalworking at Ludwig Esser Metallbau GmbH . www . lvdgroup . com / en
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