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Laser metal fusion

TRUMPF , which has been at the forefront of laser metal fusion and deposition technology for many years , will focus on its additive manufacturing range on its booth GU10 at the TCT 3Sixty 2022 trade show in Birmingham , UK ( 8-9 June 2022 ). Its machines and systems are used for producing a wide spectrum of parts from large structural components for the aerospace , automotive and energy sectors down to complex medical implants and dental components .
All elements of the TRUMPF machines and laser systems are produced in-house ; the lasers for the TruPrint range are manufactured in the UK by TRUMPF , Rugby . The TRUMPF laser metal fusion range comprises four TruPrint machines , the latest of which is the medium-format TruPrint 3000 . Using powder bed-based laser melting , this 3D printer can fabricate parts up to 400mm tall and up to 300mm in diameter .
“ It is designed to meet the quality and production-line requirements of various industries and can process all weldable materials including steel , titanium and aluminium ; application examples will feature on the stand ,” said TRUMPF .
“ The TruPrint 3000 can be equipped with a second laser which almost doubles its productivity while significantly reducing part costs . Two 500W lasers work in parallel across the machine ’ s entire build chamber making production much faster and more efficient , regardless of the geometry and number of fabricated parts . Where required , each
complete contour of the largest parts can be scanned by a single laser ( eliminating seams and guaranteeing optimum part quality ),” it continued .
TRUMPF has combined two products , its TruPrint 1000 with the TruDisk 1020 laser , to create the TruPrint Green Series . This combination of green laser and additive manufacturing makes it possible to 3D-print highly reflective materials such as pure copper , copper alloys and precision metals . n
. trumpf . com

Sustainable hoods for corrosion protection

Cortec Corporation ’ s European plant , EcoCortec , has just launched EcoSonic ® ESD 3D Hoods powered by Nano-VpCI ®. High-tech hoods combine patented VpCI ® technology with anti-static properties . This film incorporates the latest developments in packaging with corrosion protection .
“ Packaging the product in VpCI ® 3D Hoods will protect metal parts from all types of corrosion for up to two years . Hoods will provide environmentally safe , recyclable packaging option for objects that need quality corrosion protection , whether in storage or transport . EcoSonic ® ESD 3D Hoods offer numerous advantages . Cortec ’ s customers can return their waste material back to the Croatian EcoCortec plant , where it is then recycled and used for manufacturing a new product ,” explained the manufacturer .
“ EcoSonic ® Hoods will eliminate the degreasing or coating removal that is usually required and therefore enable time and financial savings . EcoSonic ® ESD 3D Hoods powered by Nano-VpCI ® are transparent , making it easy to identify parts . They are non-toxic and do not contain free amines , phosphates or halogen-based materials . Hoods will protect metal objects of various sizes depending on the customer ’ s needs .
They contain anti-static properties to immediately reduce or eliminate static build-up as long as the hoods are in use independent of the presence of humidity ,” it added .
Metal parts packaged in EcoSonic ® ESD 3D Hoods powered by Nano-VpCI ® receive continuous protection against salt ; excessive humidity ; condensation ; moisture ; aggressive industrial atmospheres and dissimilar metal corrosion . The VpCIs vaporise and then condense to metal surfaces in the enclosed package .
They hoods are typically made with recycled content , further improving the environmental footprint of the product . n
. cortecvci . com

Schröder supplies SkillsDenmark

Schröder sales partner , Muncholm , is one of the suppliers to the DM i Skills vocational competition . Muncholm provided the PowerBend Universal sheet metal folding machine and the PDC NC motorised shear for the preliminary round of the international WorldSkills competition that was held in Høng , Kalundborg ( Denmark ) from 28-30 April 2022 .
Muncholm supports the major annual Danish championship for young people in vocational training . Around 300 young people take part in the competition in various subjects . In addition , schoolchildren learn more about apprenticeship occupations . Two machines from the Schröder Group were exhibited .
The Schröder folder , PowerBend Universal , was at the Skills event with a working length of 3200mm . This machine can bend up to 3mm thick sheet without damaging the sheet surface . The POS 2000 Professional graphic control is used to enter the folding programs . The exhibition machine was equipped with a motorised folding beam adjustment , hydraulic tool clamping of the clamping beam , motorised central crowning and a motorised back gauge .
PDC NC is a motorised shear with NC positioning gauge for processing up to 3mmthick sheets at a working length of 3200mm . The shear can cut in series at a stroke rate of 34 per minute . The material thickness can be
selected on the control , and the blade gap then adjusts automatically . The PDC NC at the Skills competition featured a closed sheet support table , support plates with ball rollers and extended angle gauges with LED cutting edge illumination . n
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