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PERI supplied the scaffolding and technical support for the temporary stage in Lisbon , Portugal , for World Youth Day ( WYD ) in August 2023 . Image : PERI SE .


Image : PERI SE .
Using PERI UP Modular Facade Scaffolding during construction , the facade of the residential and office building “ Ypsilon ” in Ulm , Germany , was quickly and safely processed , confirmed PERI .
“ Completion took place within the planned cost and time frame and without any accidents at work , in spite of the demanding building geometry and tight construction site ,” it explained .
3D model of the scaffolding used by PERI for the temporary stage in Lisbon on World Youth Day 2023 . Image : PERI SE .
PERI engineers developed Austria ’ s first customised and fully hydraulic special-purpose steel formwork carriage , with caterpillar drive and a weight of 250t ”, for the A26 project in Linz . Image : PERI SE . as well as 3D construction printing supplies . Headquartered in Weißenhorn , Germany , the group employs over 2,000 engineers in more than 70 countries . In 2016 , PERI acquired a new site including production halls and office buildings in Günzburg , Bavaria , around 20km away . It also has a plant in Sakaya , Turkey . These have significantly increased its production capacities .
The PERI UP Scaffolding Kit combines the advantages of frame and modular scaffolding in one integral construction kit . Around 500 system components are compatible with each other and can be combined in a flexible manner . With just one scaffolding system , facade , industrial and engineering scaffolders can cover most modern scaffolding applications .
High levels of automation
The production process also reflects the company ’ s high standards . Modern processes and a high level of automation throughout the company lay the foundations for high levels of quality and efficiency from the start . Recently , the company built its new “ scaffolding master
plant ” in Günzburg , Bavaria-Swabia ( Germany ), and bundled the complete production for PERI UP scaffolding technology at this site .
Since 2016 , more than one hundred Motoman robots from Yaskawa have been in use at the plant .
“ At the PERI plant in Weissenhorn , we have been using many of our Yaskawa robots successfully and consistently for more than 30 years . And yet , before setting up the new production facility , we took one last critical look at our robotic set-up ,” explained Stephan Schraml , Head of the Technology Centre at the PERI plant in Günzburg . “ It was confirmed ; our robotics requirements are best met by Yaskawa quality .”
Fully automatic ledger welding system
A further 18 new Yaskawa robots were recently added to a fully automated handling and welding system at PERI . Their task is the fully automatic production of ledgers , which are used hundreds of thousands of times in scaffold construction . The ledgers are complex to produce due to their integrated self-locking mechanism and the square design . Movable wedges ensure convenient and safe assembly . At the same time , they place high demands on the production technology .
“ Even if you can ’ t see it , due to the integrated wedges , the design of the components allows only very small tolerances . They must therefore be manufactured with precision ,” confirmed Stephan Schraml .
Also referred to as runners , ledgers are tubes that run horizontally along the length of the scaffold . This component is used to support the working platform of the scaffold . Based on its placement , it determines the height at which the working planks ( decks , boards etc .) are staged .
Previously , production at PERI was partially automated using half a dozen robotic welding systems with a rotary table and manual feed .
“ This also worked ,” recalled Schraml , “ but with significantly longer cycle times , more logistical effort and less flexibility with regard to the size of the components .”
The new ledger welding system now handles the entire manufacturing process , from the individual blanks to the finished component . This includes 100 % monitoring of
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