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Automated routing path

One of the largest steel service centres in Finland , the BE Group , has chosen advanced automated routing with layout from Voortman Steel Machinery .
“ The data-driven approach for logistics routing [ means that ] production will be tripled with more efficient use of crane capacity . Product traceability is guaranteed throughout the line , allowing BE Group to be in control and to provide reliable delivery times ,” Voortman told ISMR .
BE Group supplies steel fabricators from its base in Turku . It aims to offer added value for its customers , offering drilling , milling and marking as a complete package supplier .
Voortman Steel Machinery did a detailed analysis of annual production and product mix to show , in a simulation , a new , more modern production method .
“ We can precisely analyse and show which Voortman machines best match BE Group ’ s ambition ,” said Voortman sales manager , Tom van der Vlugt . “ From the stock , the profiles go through the halls in a fully automatic routing to the trucks , all defined by software . Much attention has been paid to how the cranes can be used more efficiently to continuously supply the line with material . This is an important part of the new logistics route in the halls ”.
The new machine line will be installed from March 2023 . Profiles can be loaded from six different halls . From there , the automated process starts . Different infeed locations , machines and processes will form the beating heart of the logistics route . The Voortman V631 drilling and milling machine and Voortman VB1250 band saws with automatic Short Piece Removal System will feature .
A separate route with the Voortman VB1250 band saw with backstop system will be installed , where high-volume profiles can be cut and bundles are possible . The high output becomes a huge step forward and characterises the entire logistics process ; from stock to finished product . n
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