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Advanced tube-bending app


Unison Ltd , a UK manufacturer of tubeand pipe-bending machines , has launched a new version of its free-to-use Tube Bending Application app . With intuitive new features , it is designed to be an advanced app for users of tube-bending machinery .
“ The app makes it simple and straightforward for tube-bending machinery operators to establish the required tooling type , mandrel style , size and material , as well as bend torque and machine size . As an additional benefit , a clear , simple indication of ‘ application difficulty ’— the difficulty of bending virtually any metal , wall thickness and diameter — is also provided ,” Unison told ISMR .
“ Where customers are looking to bend new components or start new projects , but do not have the correct tooling or machinery , the app provides a valuable feasibility / viability check , detailing essential data regarding the equipment they will need to use ,” it added .
Unison ’ s in-house software design team introduced a whole range of user-friendly , intelligent new features . These include a new project-specific filing system and a new dashboard for instant access to tube data , project notes , tooling set-up , mandrel set-up and machine power . There is an updated conversion tool for transforming XYZ coordinates into YBC bending data . As in previous versions of the app , units of measurement can be displayed as either metric or imperial , while reports can be downloaded in PDF format for desktop filing , sharing , review and consideration .
First introduced in 2012 for iPhone , and regularly updated , Unison ’ s Tube Bending Application app is designed as a tool for application engineers and tooling designers .
“ As the app grew in popularity , and requests for Android and desktop operating systems were received , in 2018 it became fully web-based , with a mobile-friendly look and feel ,” Unison outlined .
“ Since it was first launched some ten years ago , our free Tube Bending Application app has revolutionised the way that customers calculate bending criteria . It provides them with a rapid insight into the necessary tooling set-up , machine type and torque required to successfully complete even the most complex of bends ,”
commented Unison Ltd ’ s joint managing director , Alan Pickering .
“ In our latest app , we have made significant improvements to useability and navigation , as well as enabling users to organise files into a folder structure that can be accessed across all their devices . We will soon also be linking the data created by the app to our comprehensive bend tool quoting and manufacturing offer . This will provide users with a seamless , rapid means of costing and ordering any tooling they require ,” he continued .
Companies wishing to register to use Unison ’ s new app can visit https :// app . unisonltd . com Existing users will be able to experience the new features of the app when they next log in . n
. unisonltd . com

Fibre-laser welding vision

Integrated machine vision systems enable demanding remote welding applications in e-mobility manufacturing and automotive assembly .
HIGHvision is an advanced machine vision add-on for Coherent HIGHmotion 2D and RLSK remote laser welding heads , designed for precision seam tracking and beam position control .
“ It delivers increased throughput , together with exceptional quality and reliability , for welding parts with complex 3D shapes or long seams involving curves . This makes it particularly useful for fillet welding of body-inwhite and car doors ; battery manufacturing processes , such as can-cap sealing , and busbar and tab welding , as well as hairpin welding in electric motor production ,” highlighted Coherent .
HIGHvision combines a camera , various illumination options and software modules optimised for the following four different tasks :
1 . Seam tracking : In fillet welding , the vision system detects differences in the actual part from the programmed seam position . It then automatically corrects laser beam position “ on the fly .” Precise position correction can be achieved over the entire workspace at welding speeds of more than 10m / min , according to Coherent
2 . Position matching : Advanced imageprocessing algorithms are used to recognize part orientation and identify misalignments . The software automatically corrects the programmed seam position to ensure weld quality . The system can also recognize various part features , making it suitable for welding prismatic , cylindrical and pouch-type batteries .
3 . Shape recognition : This adjusts beam position after recognizing and locating a user-defined shape on the part before welding . This translates into higher productivity because it relaxes the requirements on part positioning . There are virtually no limits to the types of userdefined shapes , according to Coherent .
4 . Hairpin detection : “ This performs automatic detection of hairpins in a few
milliseconds , making it one of the fastest systems available on the market . Once the hairpin position and gap between adjacent parts is determined , the system automatically adjusts seam parameters to ensure high-quality welds ,” commented Coherent .
HIGHvision is an embedded vision system designed specifically for integration with Coherent remote laser welding heads .
For further details of HIGHvision machine vision systems , see www . coherent . com / components-accessories / processing-heads / highvision n
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