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Biobased alternative to rust-preventative oils

Companies such as Cortec ® are making it possible to obtain necessary product functions while primarily using renewable raw materials . When it comes to metal rust preventative oils , EcoLine ® 3690 competes with some of its own non-renewable counterparts .
The USDA-certified biobased product is a canola-oil-based rust preventative for long-term protection of metal components . It leaves behind a thin oily film that clings to metal surfaces and protects in severe conditions such as high humidity and marine environments .
“ EcoLine ® 3690 contains 72 % USDA certified biobased content , replacing a large portion of the non-renewable content present in traditional oil-based rust preventatives ,” said the manufacturer . “ As a wet-film corrosion inhibitor , EcoLine ® 3690 is especially ideal for users who like the properties and performance of VpCI ® -369 but are looking to try a ‘ greener ’ option that is even friendlier to workers and the environment . EcoLine ® 3690 is considered zero VOC and has no hazard statements . It can be applied via spray , dip or brush . When
CAM shaft treated with EcoLine .
the protection period is done , EcoLine ® 3690 is very easy to remove with an alkaline cleaner such as those in the VpCI ® -41x series .”
EcoLine ® 3690 can be used in most applications where VpCI ® -369 is typically used . This includes automotive service parts ; piping ; tanks for air brake systems ; moving parts on large equipment and more . While EcoLine ® 3690 is primarily used for rust prevention during extended storage , it can also be used to provide protection in-process , in-transit or as part of a full-scale site mothballing plan .
In 2019 , it was used by a company that needed to prep automotive service parts for up to ten years of storage . Two camshafts and one cylinder head were coated by hand with EcoLine ® 3690 and subjected to corrosion testing . The product met requirements and was subsequently written into the automaker ’ s aftermarket engineering specifications .
“ The company applying EcoLine ® 3690 was very happy with the product and its environmental and worker benefits in contrast to the previous rust preventative , which had been used for decades and was not only difficult to remove but also raised environmental and safety concerns ,” said Cortec .
“ With EcoLine ® 3690 , renewability and worker-friendliness do not mean poor performance . Instead , positive feedback is the norm . While EcoLine ® 3690 is not ideal for every application , many users will find it a good alternative to traditional oily rust preventatives ,” it concluded . n
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Unlocking factory and automation potential

ABB Robotics has released its new modular OptiFact™ software platform which streamlines data collection , visualisation and analysis in automated production facilities . The platform enables users to collect , manage and analyse data from hundreds of factory devices , including ABB robots , to determine key performance indicators including cycle time and overall equipment efficiency ( OEE ). By speeding up diagnostics and decision-making , OptiFact is designed to increase production line uptime with less engineering effort , ensuring production can keep pace with customer demand .
“ Across industries , we see a dramatic increase in the digitalisation of manufacturing as companies seek to increase the flexibility , efficiency and sustainability of their operations in the face of changing consumer behaviours and long-term global skilled labour shortages ,” said Marc Segura , President , ABB Robotics . “ We are enabling this shift with software products that businesses need to accelerate their growth in today ’ s fast-changing market .”
Digitisation , the acceleration of sustainable manufacturing and the pandemic have all contributed to the increased demand for automation solutions . Growing reliance
on automation has resulted in increasingly complex production environments , driving demand for tools to enable plant managers to collect and capitalise on data gathered as a side product of automation .
OptiFact adds to ABB ’ s suite of digital solutions that help businesses of all sizes to imagine new digitally enabled processes , manufacture them on the factory floor and elevate operations by simplifying production to increase productivity and flexibility . With OptiFact , factory operators can determine the root cause of production errors and use ABB ’ s RobotStudio Cloud to make adjustments to the program and develop an improved robotic solution .
“ RobotStudio ®’ s desktop , cloud and AR viewer solutions help users to easily plan and
imagine new deployments of ABB industrial robots or adapt existing ones to new production tasks . Its innovative features , such as Automatic Path Planning , allow robots to determine the most efficient paths and avoid collisions with existing obstacles . Offering a true ‘ what you see is what you get ’” user experience with 99 per cent accuracy between the robot ’ s digital twin and its real-world deployment , RobotStudio speeds design and commissioning time by up to 50 per cent ,” commented the company .
“ Application-specific AI-driven software technology ( such as our Item Picker ) offer value-added features that facilitate robotics deployments with enhanced performance , safety and quality . Motion control cuts the power requirements of pick and place operations by up to 17 per cent , speeding tasks by 13 per cent . VSLAM technology ( visual simultaneous localisation and mapping ) leverages artificial intelligence for accurate indoor navigation in dynamic indoor environments ,” it added .
OptiFact has already been deployed in several production facilities . n
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