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Gate 2.Familiarity:- Does customer know what category your brand is in? Once customer has seen the brand, he should know “what the brand can do “ This stage caters to category identification. There are many a case where brands are seen & customer still does not recollect them at the point of purchase. Many new brands make mistake of building awareness without aiding to familiarity thereby dropping off at this level in the decision making process. Gate 3.Consideration:- Does your brand meet customer needs? This is a predominantly a rational process .The customer is now aware what your brand is & now starts to evaluate whether it meets his needs rationally. If a customer looks to buy a television, he basically looks at all the brands that he is aware. Then picks some brands basis the attributes that he is looking at. He then checks with his friends, does internet searches, visit some shops to figure out some brands which fit in his basic criteria. Gate 4.Brand Preference:- Does your brand meet my needs better than others? While previous stage was mostly a rational process,this is an emotional one. Basically all the brands that feature in the previous stage have all the features that customer is looking for. Now customer starts looking at “which of these brands meets my needs better”. Mostly it does get down to subjective & emotional decision basis the discussion he would have had with his peers or basis his past experience This applies to not only the B2C business but also the B2B business .Many a times deals at B2B business gets closed at this stage. So the firms are being shortlisted for a deal & asked to come to pitch. Once they come to pitch, there are being evaluated not on whether they can do the job, but what is the team that they bring to do the job Gate 5.Brand Loyalty:- “Does the brand live upto its brand promise”? At this stage the brand has been bought & experienced and it leads to series of decisions by customer. Should he purchase the same next time? Has it fulfilled his demands? Has it made him happy by using it? If brand can succeed through all these then we reach the ideal situation in the consumer decision making process,ie of brand loyalty