ISA London West ISA LW Programme 2017

1 2 PROGRAMME Welcome to London West Overall winners at the ISA National Athletics Championships 2013-2016 All events are as scheduled in the programme – please listen to the announcements calling you to assemble for your event. A copy of the timetable is displayed on the board outside the OFFICIALS OFFICE is at the top of the 1st STAIRCASE together with the map layout of the facilities of T.V.A.C. All distances/times scored on the day will be shared with the ISA Director of Sport, so that if there is the opportunity, we can identify whether the winners were the Personal Bests for the whole of ISA in 2017. If you are competing in more than one event please remember TRACK takes precedence over FIELD. Team Managers must help the athletes - it will often be possible to get at least one maybe two attempts before you have to go over to wait for your race. If you return and you have missed rounds one and two of the long jump - you will only be able to take your third and final jump - in round three. If you return and the competition is over – you will not get any further jumps. If you are unsure of anything – please ask the Competitors Stewards who are sitting with you. ALL COMPETITORS ARE TO REMAIN IN THE STAND or IN THEIR SCHOOL ENCLOSURE WHEN NOT COMPETING. Only competitors are allowed inside the track - when they are waiting for their event. Only staff with the correct accreditation are allowed inside the track. Examination candidates should report to the Club Room upstairs, where they will be supervised. Relays take place after the main programme. At the end of the meeting, there are FOUR CUPS to be awarded: JUNIOR BOYS, JUNIOR GIRLS, SENIOR BOYS, and Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded for each event. Medals will be given to Team Managers at the end of the day. Results will be available online at SENIOR GIRLS and TWO OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP A very big thank you to all Staff - for your help officiating TROPHIES. and for your support of this I.S.A. event.