ION INDIE MAGAZINE March 2017, Volume 34 | Page 69

SLB founded its roots and firmly planted them in 2007 , beginning with the Beth ’ s--and with various musicians lending their talents to the project . Through the next few years , as is the case with many bands , members came and went , as the couple continued to work toward honing their craft and defining their sound . However , due to the revolving door of musicians that wove their way in and out of Sugar Lime Band , in 2010 , the couple almost abandoned the whole “ band thing ”, in lieu of duo acoustic pursuits . But … enter Russ Dean … and a solid unit was forged . The Beths and Dean bonded over their shared love of jam band music — with a particular penchant for The Grateful Dead . They began to perform together as a 3-piece acoustically , but soon , adapted the electric sound with the addition of drums and keys .
Their released their first album “ Far From the Tree ” in 2011 to positive reviews — while performing around the Missouri , Ohio , Indiana , Kentucky , West Virginia , North Carolina , Georgia , Alabama , and of course , Tennessee area — all the while , building a solid core following . In fact , it was their love of their fans that inspired them in 2013 to create “ Sunday ShoutOut ”— which included filming a video that , each week , would be dedicated to one of their Twitter followers or friends and then uploaded to You Tube .
In 2014 , they recorded and released the song “ Carve Your Name ”, and in 2015 , the Americana-flavored “ Move That Earth ”, their sophomore effort , was born . In true DIY spirit--they created the video for “ Move That Earth ” with their cellphones at the Beth ’ s farm !
Sugar Lime Blue continues to work on their music , with new songs being added to their sets that are easily embraced by their audiences . Their future plans include recording some of these compositions for their next album--and if past history is any indicator — it will be a continuation of the same gritty and bluesy sounds that have become the band ’ s calling card . As Sugar Lime Blues tells it , “ If you like music to be more than just the background noise in your life , check out Sugar Lime Blue next time they come to your town . The band feeds off the energy of their fans and puts their hearts into every show . We only have a short time on this planet and making the moment inclusive to all that hear and enjoy the sound is what it ’ s all about for them . Playing music is the ultimate group expression in creativity and Sugar Lime Blue is a family bound by love and music with the ultimate goal to be able to spread that music love around .” Funny … that ’ s what I was going to say .

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