ION INDIE MAGAZINE February 2016, Volume 21 | Page 3

Letter fro m ION INDIE MAGAZINE “The Initiative for Indie Music…WORLDWIDE! LETTER FROM THE EDITOR 4 K. Plesha FEATURE: FALL 2 RISE 6-10 T. Schumann KIKI PLESHA CEO/EDITOR-IN-CHIEF [email protected] J.B. BRIDGES MANAGING EDITOR SENIOR PHOTOJOURNALIST [email protected] SCOTT WEILAND 12-15 M. Myers AARON LEWIS 16-19 T. Schumann PETER MISSING 20-26 J. Petsko POP EVIL 28-33 M. Myers MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES 38-42 M. Myers THE BROS. LANDRETH 44-49 L. Hoffman EMPERORS & ELEPHANTS 50-54 C. Wurtinger O-SOLO 56-59 J. Petsko KELEN HELLER 62-65 G. Carota SONGWRITING SERIES 66-67 P. Bordernkircher PHOSPHENE 68-70 J.B. Bridges CREATURE COMFORTS 72-73 T. Campbell ROYAL BLOOD 74-77 T. Schumann WITHIN REASON 78-83 JP Rawk O.D.D. 84-87 K. Plesha LORDS OF THE TRIDENT 88-94 S. Johnson STAFF DANIEL “THE DAGDA” JOHNSON LISA SASSERATH BOEHM THOMAS R. JENNEY PH.D PAUL BORDENKIRCHER KATARZYNA ZAKOLSKA TIMOTHY SCHUMANN CHRIS WURTINGER TIM CAMPBELL LEE HOFFMAN TORIA LAWSON GARY CAROTA DR X KALIDIA 96-98 K. Zee SUBMIT FOR CONSIDERATION AT: ONCE AROUND 100-105 Dr X FOR ALL OTHER INQUIRIES, WRITE TO: CHAOS’S CORNER 106-109 S. Joseph VIDEOS: SPOTLIGHT ARTIST/ ARTISTS TO WATCH 111-115 K. Plesha JAY PETSKO ART DIRECTOR PRODUCER/JAM ON ION [email protected] JERE PERRY BROADCAST MEDIA COORDINATOR SENIOR JOURNALIST [email protected] MARK MYERS MEDIA COVERAGE COORDINATOR SENIOR PHOTOJOURNALIST [email protected] WWW.IONINDIEMAGAZINE.COM [email protected] ION Indie Magazine is a volunteer-fueled project. Our dedicated staff is comprised of musicians, former musicians and industry professionals, whose collective goal is to get independent music read about, heard and seen. Together, our initiative lends our time and talent to support all genres of original music worldwide. WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/IONINDIEMAGAZINE WWW.TWITTER.COM/IONINDIEZINE