ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 | Page 48

Dagda: So how did the three of you meet? Liz: Craigslist buddies (she says with a smile). When I started I was going at it alone, so I reached out through CL. Dagda: Where are you guys heading now musically? Liz: We are going in to record our first full length album. Just recently, Berklee College of Music covered our song “Elephant Song”. Dagda: Tell me about your influences. Band: A lot of heavy influences mixed with Pop. Two from a Rock background--Zeppelin to Nirvana--Liz has a few “Divas” she looks up to. Also including Maynard James Keenan from Tool (killing a cover of “Sober”). Liz: I would definitely hit the stage with Maynard. Dagda: Where are you heading to record? Band: Heading down to Providence, RI…No Boundaries studio--owned by the sound engineer of the band TROPHY WIVES. He’s a great guy and we can afford it. ☺ Dagda: What are the origins of the name “Analog Heart” and what will your new album title be? Liz: Basically, I wanted a name with “love” in it. Analog comes from being organic, real and genuine when it comes to writing and performing music and in our lives in general. As far as the new album title, we can’t agree on one yet…LOL!