ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 | Page 95

The most valuable lesson I have ever learned in business was while working for MTV (In the GOOD OLE DAYS) was to never engage negativity. Those people and situations fade away on their own and become irrelevant in due time. Now that I got that out of the way, how about some positivity? We are coming up on that wonderful time of year where people are scratching for extra value and dollars. Take a moment and consider dropping prices on your merch and CDS to FILL those Christmas Stockings. You might just increase your fan base understanding that people are looking for value this time of year. HELL even the national artists do as much. In this time of giving and good will, I want to wish all of you a foundation of peace and love, and may it be surrounded by family and good friends. And while most people on this planet try to be so politically correct as to appeal to everyone, I want to be the FIRST to wish EVERYONE and—be ready for this because it is not said often, anymore…MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! And Good Tidings to ALL. To my friends across the pond-HAPPY CHRISTMAS. To all the staff of ION INDIE MAGAZINE! KIKI! Everyone at Neue Regel Radio and Total Order Magazine--MERRY CHRISTMAS! God Bless…PEACE! RTFX WWW.NEUEREGELRADIO.COM