ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 | Page 8

It is said The Superstition Mountains never give up their secrets. Many a man has died trying to coax the elusive golden bounty hidden by Jacob Waltz, known as “The Lost Dutchman's Mine”, from this 25 million year old chain of volcanic mountains. I however, found the gold easily at the base of the Superstition in Apache Junction, Arizona. Well, maybe not THAT gold, but a golden voice belonging to 16 year old Country music artist Ashley Wineland. ION Indie Magazine is in a partnership with ReverbNation, and that has afforded the opportunity to four and a half million artists at present to submit their work to be featured in the magazine. After hearing Ashley on ReverbNation, I contacted Ashley and requested permission to attend a performance the following weekend. I was quite surprised when her management replied and said the performance I had requested was an acoustic set, but if I didn't mind, they would set up a special session with the whole band on a Sunday even closer to me. Now that is going the extra mile! The date and time was set, the place confirmed...The Hitching Post in Apache Junction, Az. Kiki and I both were excited to be covering a Country artist, as most of the venues we have attended in the past few months have featured Metal/Death metal acts. Our conversations on the drive home usually go something like "They were pretty loud."..."What?" "Want to stop and grab a bite to eat?"..."What?" "Did you say something?"..."What?” Jarred, our son, is only 17, and can't get into most of the venues we normally work, so this was a great chance to make it a family outing so he could actually see what we do-instead of just a finished magazine on the coffee table--and we were glad he was able to hang out with us. We arrived at The Hitching Post (complete with an actual hitching post). There are some for-real cowboys here, complete with rifles in scabbards and duster rolled up behind the saddle. They look you in the eye, and shake your hand and take measure of you by your conversations and actions. If they like you, you become a member of the community. If you give them a reason not to like you, you remain an outsider.