ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 | Page 60

“Black Mountain Rain” is about false prophets, and the religious snake handlers (as seen in the video) were just a good reference to illustrate that idea. That's old footage from a West Virginia Pentecostal church. Classic stuff. It’s all about getting back to what's important to you and not letting ideology control your life. ‘Gotta reach back and find’ what makes you, you!” The November 2014 video premiere of “Black Mountain Rain” has been received with much praise--no pun intended. Take time to investigate the band’s links to see them in their natural habitat, especially the live performance videos which depict an exemplary statement, and show exactly what STARDOG is about on stage. They are off the porch, unleashed, and ready to run rampant. As explained by guitarist, Beau Long: “We're doing this because we love writing, recording and playing. The first night I got us all together, it was one of those deals where you just looked around, listened and thought, ‘Damn, this could be something pretty cool!’ Tired of the dogma and sameness of the “NICKLEBACK” era, STARDOG was born.” The STARDOG debut EP “Black Mountain Rain” is available on iTunes,