ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 | Page 111

Necessity is the mother of invention. And it definitely applies where the Montreal Jazz/Punk/Grunge/Rock band CREEPIN DAISY is concerned. If “karma” ever played a role in a band’s line up, then this band is representative of “right place, right time”. Like most other bands, there was that “revolving door” of personnel that occurs while finding their way to the right “fit”. However, the evolution of Creepin Daisy into the current lineup was kismet… According to founder DAVID LYNCH, “This whole thing started out of necessity. Originally an acoustic player, I tried to talk with local bands to listen to the songs that were written, but because I wasn't part of the ‘clique’, I was looked at like a leper. Not one to give up, I got myself a bass guitar and drum machine so I could have a finished product to show other musicians. Slowly but surely, it all started to come together-especially after I had 2 songs on full radio rotation without having a band. I met Trevor through my wife; he was playing with a Heavy Metal band at the time and wanted to broaden himself musically and explore new styles. I worked with the bass player Steve's wife. When she told me he had guitars to sell. My first question was, ‘Does he play bass?’--and that was that!” He continues, “Simon was found on a musician forum website; also coming from a Heavy Metal background. A fluent drummer, he will pack a punch for the next epic journey Creepin Daisy takes!” Even the name Creepin Daisy was a luck of the draw…or as they tell it--the name selection was born of the “beat down” from searching the internet for band names. It seemed every possible combination that struck a chord with them was already taken. Finally, weary eyes rested on Creepin Daisy…and so Creepin Daisy, it was! But, what does Creepin Daisy exactly mean? Well, whatever you want it to mean! It is Creepin Daisy’s philosophy that “a good song is a good song”. They are not slaves to genre labelling. Instead, writing is a focus for these chameleons of sound--and a process. Their song-writing sessions are also “luck of the draw”. For Creepin Daisy, it can be best described as a melding of “catchy bits” of songs. These “Frankenstein” songs represent the best of their combined life experiences and are a collaboration of various musical influences. They also like to point out that they write for themselves—if someone else sees value in the music…cool. If definitions were to be found, they would describe their newer stuff as “heavy, open, melodic” with more intricacies. Creepin Daisy are adding to their repertoire their new EP “Green”, which goes worldwide on December 1, 2014. Creepin Daisy is: DAVID LYNCH (vocals/guitar), SIMON (lead guitar), STEVE VOUTSINAS (bass) and TREVOR REID-OWSTON (drums). To sum it up, I guess you could say that just like anything else that life is breathed into—there are no “accidents”. Creepin Daisy was meant to be! Visit their website at: And stop by their Facebook page and give them a “LIKE” at: