ION INDIE MAGAZINE April 2017, Volume 35 - Page 31

ION : What does participating in an event like AyerWaves Underground Music Festival mean to you ? Tell our readers about when they can catch your appearance there and what to expect from Home Grown Head . Please share your links with our readers and where they can find out more about Home Grown Head and your upcoming appearances . Any final thoughts ?
HGH : We ’ re really thrilled to take part in this festival ! The best thing for us is that most of the audience will be first-time listeners , so this is a great opportunity for us to spread our music around and hopefully , they dig what they ’ re hearing . Besides that , it ’ s also just going to be a blast getting to hang out all weekend and hear all the other awesome bands that will be there . It ’ s gonna be a lot of fun ! We ’ re pumped !
We will be playing Friday night at 10:00 p . m . on the Main Stage . They can expect lots of groovin ’ music , all originals , with a little bit of soul , a little bit of funk , and some sweet jams . I think there ’ s something for everybody .
You can check us out at https :// www . facebook . com / homegrownhead , where we ’ re always posting new content , show schedules , and letting you know what we ’ re up to . We also have a website at http :// www . homegrownhead . com . And you can listen / download / order our self-titled EP “ Home Grown Head ” as well as our most recent EP “ Mental Transmission ” on Bandcamp , at : https :// homegrownhead . bandcamp . com .
Lastly , we ’ d just like to say that we hope you all come check us and all the other great bands out ! We promise it will be a good time and we can ’ t wait to get on stage and perform for you guys ! PEACE !!!