ION INDIE MAGAZINE April 2017, Volume 35 - Page 30

HGH : At this point we tend to set short-term goals more so than long term goals . Sometimes you just have to see where the universe takes you . But you also have to keep pushing forward or else the momentum will sort of stagnate . Right now we have three main goals :
1 . To start touring and getting out of the state more often . We ’ d like to get a couple short tours going this year--probably two or three weeks at a time . We ’ ve been planning a northeast tour this summer ; possibly looking at going all the way up to New York , then coming down the east coast . It ’ s still in the planning phase though . Getting the venues booked at the right time is really difficult , so we ’ ll see what happens .
2 . Do more festivals . We ’ re thrilled about doing the AyerWaves Underground Music Festival because it will be our first real festival we ’ ve played . We did a short overnight festival last summer in Kentucky and it was a blast ! We had planned on doing a 3-day festival last year too , but much to our dismay , it was cancelled last minute due to some bureaucratic stuff .
3 . We ’ re looking into recording a full-length album . We really like the idea of releasing EPs because it means we can put out new material more often . Recording a full-length would require more time between releases , so we ’ re kind of feeling this one out as we go . It ’ s not something we want to rush into , but it ’ s on our minds and it will happen when it ’ s time .
ION : A question I often ask those that I interview is — what defines “ success ” for you ( your band )?
HGH : We just want people to really enjoy what they ’ re hearing at our shows , so success would be having a fan base that ’ s always wanting more . And when we play for people that have never heard of us , if by the end of the show they ’ re fans , that ’ s success ! We just hope it continues to grow and spread .