ION INDIE MAGAZINE April 2017, Volume 35 | Page 26

Music by Home Grown Head “ Surprise ”

Interview by Kiki Plesha • www . facebook . com / TheFairyRockMotherKikiPlesha Photography by Patrick Brumback • www . facebook . com / pbp . patrickbrumback . photography

For my second installment featuring various artists / bands appearing at the AyerWaves Underground Music Festival — of which ION Indie Magazine is a sponsor--I present to our readers , HOME GROWN HEAD .
Home Grown Head is an original Groove / Rock band that is based out of Lexington , KY , the heart of the “ blue grass ” region of the state . The innovative band was forged in 2014 and since their inception , have been “ off to the races ”, quickly establishing HGH as a staple in the Kentucky area music scene . Home Grown Head is comprised of band members hailing from varied musical backgrounds , who collectively contribute to the development of a singular sound ; a sound that is enthusiastically embraced by their dedicated fan base — and also commanding the attention of an industry that is inundated with cookie-cutter projects and uninspired music . As a testament to their individuality , they describe their sound as “ Rock , served medium-rare , smothered in warm groove and shuffle butter , with a side of fully loaded blues and fresh jams ”… funny , that ’ s exactly what I was going to say …