ION INDIE MAGAZINE April 2017, Volume 35 | Page 78

Into the sky we travel with our thoughts . Let nothing steal your gaze from the goals you have set . Work hard with your fellow musicians and on your own ! This world , the music industry , is ours . It is ours for the taking , but we must work in unity . Let your passions flow and escape the negative stream of consciousness that is scrolling on by .
Chaotic Embrace By Shawn Joseph
Empty the edge Before flying free Beyond the mask Of certainty Chasing now The chaotic embrace “ Everything changes ” Thrown in your face Tragedy calling No more shall I hear Unlocking the mind Erasing the fear Taking the reigns Forging new stone Breaching the norm Into the unknown
Here we are once again . I cannot wait to see you my friends . For as I travel the Chaotic Embrace , I know not the direction or path in which we shall take . But while we see where the future leads , write some new lyrics and send them to me at : chaos @ ionindiemagazine . com