ION INDIE MAGAZINE April 2017, Volume 35 | Page 63

stark and bland in contrast to the artsy album ), these were stored in a round plastic disc with a handle on it … not unlike the early Tupperware used to transport cakes .
And this brings us to the album cover itself . This was art … right up there with Picasso . Except in my era , I think I would rather reference Peter Max . Max was all the rage , and rose to notoriety due to the use of his pop art paintings that were adapted for The Beatles ’ feature film “ Yellow Submarine ”, based on the hit song by the same name .
And speaking of high-brow art … remember those “ wide-eyed ” kids by Keane ? I think those devil children were in fact the inspiration for the movie “ Children of the Corn ”. I had a series of those paintings on my bedroom wall and thought they were super cool . I used to stare in the mirror and try to make my eyes “ pop ” that way , although try as I might , I only succeeded in looking like a freakishly surprised alien . What were we talking about again ? Oh yeah … albums
Perusing the album cover was a national pastime … even beating out the ritualistic reading of the cereal box at the breakfast table . Many album covers were truly works of art and suitable for framing . In later years ,