INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #055 - 30 Seconds To Mars + Max Talks Jocks. - Page 15

If they took this data to heart, iHeart, Audacy, and all their buddies wouldn’t have destroyed the entire disc jockey eco system.

However, according to Techsurvey 2023, there’s also not so good news. The importance of personalities is down slightly this year: 60% from 62%. But that’s already a high number. The percentage citing music as a reason for listening has risen a tad: 55% to 57%.

When Jacobs Media asked, “Why are you listening less?”, people cited work-from-home (less car time), too many spots, repetitive and predictable music, and (ready?) MANY OTHER CHOICES.

There’s so much useful data in Techsurve 2023, you MUST read it.

All of it.

I see an opportunity to bring the listeners who went away back to broadcast. It’s because of the self-harm that’s been done by the traitors to the medium (lookin’ at you iHeart) that we are in this

state today. Stop fucking around and bring the jocks back.

Repopulate your air shifts. Otherwise, your numbers will continue to suffer.

Mailbag For Mutants

I received an email from a programmer recently. I’m not revealing her name. But it was a serious query about formatics (what I like to call “Infrastructure”). I was blown away by the seriousness of the question. Soooo refreshing. Better than “You suck” if that’s possible.

Email me! I love it.

[email protected].

GAG REFLEX with Max Tolkoff


“Radio is not dead. Especially to people who listen in cars. Why? Cuz its as easy to use as a toaster. It’s free, simple, and local.”