INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #045 - Tom MacDonald - Page 6


Whither TikTok?

It's been banned on government devices in over 20 states and the FCC wants it gone from America altogether, yet TikTok continues to staff up and introduce new services that further entrench it as a player in the music scene. If it sticks around, can it become a real revenue source for musicians or will it continue to be an app that some musicians rely on as an (in?)effective marketing plan?

Can KROQ dominate once again?

Is there a station being more closely watched than KROQ? Ever since the return of Kevin Weatherly, the question has been can he fill his own big shoes and return KROQ to dominance? All the traditional benchmarks are being rebuilt with a tweaking of the music and return of Almost Acoustic Christmas. Weenie Roast is likely next. This is the year we see how KROQ moves forward after the reinstall is done.


Elon Musk bought a crime scene and turned Twitter into the WWE. The behind the scenes activities of Musk exposing how the FBI and other government officials were working in tandem to control what Americans think has become more interesting than actually using the platform. Where it goes from here remains to be seen if it can return to an effective marketing tool and escape the cesspool of woke ideology.

Will the JCPA remain dead?

While DOA, S.673 Journalism Competition and Preservation Act is an assault on the First Amendment and would have meant government approved financial handouts from Big Tech to Big Media, which is why the NAB lobbied for it even though opposition came from the entire poltical spectrum. JCPA would have given big $ to hedge fund owners of media companies that slashed staffing and pay across the industry.

Web 3.0 VR AR

Were in the "Friendster Phase" of Web 3.0, virtual reality and augmented reality when it comes to music integration. It's the Wild West as there's a whole lot of companies shooting ideas for the "Metaverse" out there to see what sticks. Eventually one is going to hit home. One thing is for sure, massive copyright issues for the Metaverse need to be settled soon or artists will get screwed again.