INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #045 - Tom MacDonald | Page 4

And we're off! This may be the first issue of 2023 but it doesn't mean we haven't been busy gearing up for what looks like a very eventful year. It seems like everyone has hit the ground running and I.A. is back on the track. (cue Big Audio Dynamite)

So what does I.A. have in store for you? Our mission statement remains the same... honest opinion and open discussion about the state of the music, radio and streaming audio industries and exposure to as much new music as possible. That's the goal.

One change, I.A. will now publish on Monday each week so you get to begin your work week with us and our many partners and contributors, including NACC, Metal Contraband, The SubModern Report, Brad Savage, Ryan Patrick and some new ones coming online soon! Full issues of I.A. with our partners will return next week. Also, I.A. is still seeking candidates for our Influencer List. See the back page of this issue for details.

Our debut feature for 2023 is a conversation with Tom MacDonald. I didn't know much about Tom but a trusted third party introduced us and my first exposure was his song "Ghost." It's a beautiful song and I was hooked the minute I heard it. The more I dug into his story, I was sold that he was the perfect person to

feature as our first cover interview of 2023. Here's an artist with a portfolio as good as most any on the radio today. Sales. Streams. Sold out shows. Active socials. Huge video views. Yet... NO RADIO AIRPLAY. Yeah, you read that right. Until the release of "Ghost," radio has shied away from MacDonald's music. Go do your own research to find out why. And then read my interview to find out why everything you just read labeling him as controversial is wrong. In fact, scratch that, read my interview and then go listen to the song. Skip the back story, because all that should matter is radio has a star in the making should they choose to work with him. And I haven't even mentioned that MacDonald is a 100% self-built and independent artist. That is the most fascinating aspect of the story. But enough of me selling you... go read the interview... listen to the music... try telling me I'm wrong!! Email me!!


By Michael Parrish