INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #045 - Tom MacDonald - Page 17

blew up in a big way in 2017. But prior to that, we've been best friends for 16 years and we've been dating for almost seven at this point. Back in Edmonton, when I started recording my first couple songs, one of the things I wanted to know how to do was how do I get on a Rap show? At that point in time, all I'd ever done is been on wrestling shows, so I asked a rapper if there were any shows coming up that I could get on. He said to email this girl Nova and she might put you on I sent her some of my music that was absolute trash at the time, but against her better judgment, she let me be on the show. It was also the first Rap show Nova had ever thrown. I performed and that night started a lifelong friendship that's turned into the relationship that we're still in today. I've tried to write Nova a song many, many, many, many, many times over the past seven years. Nova is an incredible songwriter. She's probably the most talented artist that I've ever met. Her music is absolutely unreal and that made my job really difficult, because how are you going to write a song for the best songwriter you know, unless it's absolutely perfect. 

MP: It sounds like the internal bar was set high if you were ever going to release a song about her.

TM: For seven years I've tried to write this song and they were never perfect. I just kept trashing them. Nova deserves perfect. I came up with "Ghost" a couple months ago sitting in the studio at my house. I played a little guitar and started building the beat out and pretty much wrote the song while I was producing the beat. I was in the studio for four or five hours and Nova was sitting in the living room and I went and grabbed her to hear this song I wrote for her. She was blown away because she's been waiting for me to write a song about her for seven years. <laughs>  It's as close to perfect as it's going to get.

MP: What was it like for you emotionally when you realized you had the song that you'd been trying to write for so long?

TM: Nova has been such an integral part of not just my career, but my life for so long. She's stood with me through everything and I've always struggled to find the right words to properly convey how much she means to me. I'm not even sure if those words exist, that's how much she means to me. So when I came up with that song, it was the first time that I felt I finally get to show this person who's given me so much and I can begin paying them back for that.