INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #045 - Tom MacDonald - Page 15

MP: Tell me about that song, because a white rapper calling out the greater culture cultivated by Rap music and its lyrics seems like a recipe for trouble, not a viral song.

TM: This is actually a crazy story. I'm living in South Central with Nova, very much in the hood. I'm coming off of a long stint with alcoholism and had just got sober. I had a crazy acute mental breakdown. I stopped making music for almost a year. I was very unwell and had to go stay at home with my mom. While I'm unwell at home, my visa gets approved and I moved to the States with Nova, We had nothing. We couldn't pay our rent and do groceries. There were times where our power was shut off for weeks at a time because we couldn't pay the power bill. I used to plug my fridge into an extension cord and run the extension cord out my kitchen window and plug it into my neighbor's garage so my food didn't spoil. It was dire straits and we had nothing. I have half a cigarette left one day and no money to buy more. I sat on my front porch and I lit this half a cigarette and started writing a song, which was sort of like a letter to Mainstream Rap, because I had just heard somebody on the radio complaining about fame and

how difficult their life is being a famous person.

MP: That couldn't have sat well when you're struggling just to keep the electricity flowing.

TM: It really rubbed me the wrong way. So I'm sitting on my front porch and I start writing this song. The first thing I write down is "Dear Rappers" and I start writing this open letter to famous rappers who I felt were being very ungrateful by complaining about a life that I would give anything to have. I wrote that song in about three or four minutes. I did not stop writing the second my fingers hit my phone. I didn't pause to think about what rhymes or what's the best thing to say here and I know it sounds crazy, but it was literally like God spoke through me. I wasn't even thinking. I was in a trance. When I was done, I realized I had just wrote the best song that I've ever written in my life.