INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #037 - George Chase, Jr. - The Sublets | Page 9


at times, were just as compelling as Saul’s storyline. What supporting character in your world could have a starring role? You see this a lot in morning shows. One show I worked with found a star in the cluster’s janitor. Another show found a star in our receptionist who had a bigger personality than most jocks. And yet another show found a star in a local electrician who was constantly at the station trying t fix the studio lights. This supporting character actually became Saul like as he eventually became a full-time morning show host.

Better Caul Saul has another good lesson for established shows. It showed great character evolution. All great radio shows have well developed characters. For long running shows, those well-defined characters often evolve over time. Just as Jimmy McGill evolved into Saul and then into Gene, the hosts will often do the same over time. This could be due to circumstance, necessity, or both. As you get older, thing shift in importance to you. The same thing happens with the audience. Character evolution

allows new and different stories to be told and sometimes, breathe new life into a show.

The success of Better Call Saul showed that great characters can reap huge benefits, even when it is not expected. Creator Vince Gilligan and show runner Peter Gould used both of these elements to create what some people are calling the best prequel series ever. It could not have been an easy sell to build a spinoff of one of the most acclaimed shows of all time around a secondary character. That’s exactly what they did and did it using great storytelling and character development. What can your radio station do when you and your talent take the time and double down on both of them?

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By Ryan Patrick