INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #037 - George Chase, Jr. - The Sublets | Page 27

When he's not jamming in The Sublets, George Chase Jr. is the host of HAPPY HOUR SESSIONS. The show spotlights Geaorge with another artist writing and recording an original song during each episode. The Show gives an inside look at the songwriting process and the artists behind the music in entertaining, insightful, and humorous weekly episodes.

MP: Where did the idea come from?

GCJ: There are sometimes when I have too many options and nothing ever gets done. There are songs that I've tried to write for 10 years or I could go this way with it or that way with it. I beat it up so many times that I never actually finish it. So I started giving myself time limits to finish a song, no matter how good or bad it is. And then I'll beat it up. And a lot of times I would do that and actually be pretty happy with where it ended up. The more that I did it, the more that I got comfortable writing songs and actually feeling like a songwriter instead of just somebody who has written a couple songs. During COVID, it was fine that I was writing songs by myself, but I want to connect to other artists to jam and write songs with them. So I thought what if I have them come in for a two hour song session and see what happens. I had in one of my buddies come in to see how it would work. We filmed it and it was really raw, but we could see there was something there.

MP: What are your plans for growth?

GCJ: I don't want it to be just a local Cleveland thing. I want big artists to come on the show and spend a few hours showing how they hear things or write. My dream is that I can find popular artists that want to do this so people can get to know their songwriting process. Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day would be great. People might look at him as a Punk Rock artist yet be surprised by the inner workings of how he writes a song. Hopefully the show would gain an artist a little bit more respect by pulling the curtain back.