INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #037 - George Chase, Jr. - The Sublets | Page 12


“Didn’t Care” by Sylvan Esso

North Carolina electropop duo Sylvan Esso always enchants, and this new album cycle is proving to continue the trend of quality output from Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn. This single in particular is my favorite of the crop, with layers and layers of bubbly sonic interplay, expressive and charismatic vocals, and the group’s signature pristine production bringing it all together perfectly.

“Eleanor” by Hot Chip

The English synthpop dream team is back with a new album and with it one of the most well-executed disco-leaning tracks of the summer, in a season that saw an odd sea of mediocrity in the style, with many artists trying to tap into the grooves and appeal of the genre but falling short. Great dynamics, performances, textures, and production from start to  finish.

“I’ve Been Drunk in Every Pub in Brisbane” by The Chats

The title says it all. It’s snappy, dry, raw, and entirely The Chats. Bombarding the listener with joyous frivolity, this ode to debauchery truly inspires one to raise a pint to one of Australia’s best punk exports. 

In addition to running social media for I.A., Joey Letcher is an avid music lover here to share some tracks you ought to know about from the NACC charts!