INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #027 | Page 12

SAVAGE THOUGHTS with Brad Savage

Daisy Chainsaw "Love Your Money"

(1991) (One Little Indian)

This band came out of London around

1990 and had such a sound that was

exactly what "Alternative" meant in

1990. There's a pre-grunge/punk/left-

of-center ethos to this song and it is

edgy and different. I remember the first time I heard this record, it was on KJJO/Twin Cities ("KJ-104") and it is precisely the type of music that caused me to form an interest in whatever this "next" wave of music was going to be and sound like. Revisit this one, and hear what "Modern Rock" was all about circa 1991 just before Nirvana.


Diana Ross ft. Tame Impala "Turn Up

The Sunshine" (Verve/Republic)

You're going to think I've gone bananas

for suggesting a new current song by

Diana Ross! But, she's a legend and this

song is a feel-good, summertime

anthem from the forthcoming blockbuster film, "Minions: Rise of Gru." If you have kids 10 or under you are certainly familiar with it. The song feels like a Michael Jackson '80s era jam. Tame Impala is an artist from our universe and a surprising collaboration. I'm not saying you play it forever, but have fun and make it an event going into Memorial Day weekend! It's not often that I get to recommend a song that was just this week "Most Added" at AC radio!